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90210 Music Season 1

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[101] We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

The Wilson family arrives in Beverly Hills.

Don't Let Me Fall by Lenka

Annie & Dixon talk by the pool.

Time To Pretend by MGMT

Dixon & Annie arrive at West Beverly Hills High.

I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General from 'The Pirates Of Penzance'

Flashback of Annie singing in a musical at her old school.

California Bound by Carolina Liar

Ethan thanks Annie for staying quiet.

Wannamama by Pop Levi

Naomi & Annie hang out at The Pit.

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring

Lacrosse try-outs.

What You Got by Colby O'Donis

Naomi runs into Mr. Matthews at a club.

Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings

Ethan & Naomi argue, then leave the club; Adrianna steals Naomi's purse.

Whee Doggie Banjo Bit by Billy Lee Cox / All-Star Music

Navid & Dixon show Silver's webisode to Annie.

Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise) from 'Spring Awakening'

Adrianna & the chorus practice for the play; Naomi talks about her party; Annie is recruited into the chorus.

Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and The Wall

Performed as Annie, Dixon & Silver crash Naomi's 'Not So Sweet 16' party.

Beat Control by Tilly and The Wall

Performed as Adrianna returns Naomi's purse; Tracy gives Harry some news.

Chasing Pavements by Adele

Naomi confronts Ethan as they dance.

Last Day Of Your Life by Glass Pear

Kelly embraces her son, Sammy; end montage.

[102] The Jet Set

Coming Home by The 88

Breakfast at casa Wilson.

Try It Again by The Hives

The Hall of Garbage.

Touch Me from 'Spring Awakening'

Annie finds Ty practicing for the musical.

Fly Away by Jessica Lowndes

Adrianna sings in class.

Never Gets Enough by Luscious Redhead


Young One by Mackabella

Silver & Annie discuss Ty over lunch.

Great DJ by The Ting Tings

Naomi slaps Ethan after seeing Silver's webisode.

Live Forever by Brendan McCreary

Naomi & friends hang out at The Pit.

Lucid Dreams by Franz Ferdinand

Annie phones her mom for permission to go to dinner with Ty.

Gravity by Luscious Redhead

Annie calls Silver for advice.

Come Out Of The Shade by The Perishers

Ryan Matthews asks Kelly to dinner.

Shake It by Metro Station

Annie & Ty wander the streets of San Francisco.

Outlaw Mix 2 by Astronaut On Vacation

Brenda, Kelly & Nate catch up.

Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne

Hog dressing; Naomi has drinks with George.

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

Annie & Ethan reminsce by the pool.

Ain't We Famous by Brendan's Band

Dixon's dad apologizes to him.

Daydreamer by Adele

Ryan brings Kelly flowers & meets Brenda.

I Always Knew by Jem

Harry & Debbie discuss their options; Ethan sees Annie & Ty kissing.

[103] Lucky Strike

If You Can Afford Me by Katy Perry

Breakfast rush; Ethan & Naomi chat at school.

Hey Hey Girl by The Virgins

Kelly & Ryan discuss kids.

All Over Me, All Over You by Royston Langdon & Bosshouse Music

The Wilsons arrive at the bowling alley.

One Week Of Danger by The Virgins

Bowling; the guys arrive.

All Coming Back To Me by Intercooler

The guys start bowling.

Love Song originally by Sara Bareilles

Adrianna sings while Naomi drives.

I Thought About You by The Beautiful Girls

Annie & Ethan talk about their families; Ty arrives.

A-Punk by Vampire Weekend

Ty & Annie talk; Annie & Dixon get permission to leave with their friends.

Just A Little More Please by Royston Langdon & Bosshouse Music

Annie & Ethan go to help Naomi.

How Many Birds? by Benji Hughes

Ehtan comforts Naomi.

The Kiss by Karmina

Ryan drives Kelly home.

Better In time by Leona Lewis

Annie & Dixon cook their parents breakfast; end montage.

[104] The Bubble

Disturbia by Rihanna

Harry tells Annie about the drama teacher quitting the musical.

The Trance by Headland

Clark family photo shoot.

How Many Ways by Senor Happy

Dixon & his parents discuss problems with selling their old house.

Change Me by Lori Denae

Kelly & Brenda have breakfast at school.

Everything Leaves by Lori Denae

Ryan asks Kelly to dinner.

Day I Die by Drug Rug

Ty apologizes to Annie for bailing on her.

Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise) from 'Spring Awakening'

Tabitha directs the musical chorus; repeats as Brenda interrupts Tabitha's directing.

She's New by Senor Happy

Silver & Annie discuss Ethan & Naomi.

Not Nineteen Forever by The Courteeners

Silver quizes Dixon while they drive to school.

Even The Score by Senor Happy

Dixon is told he'll need the car money earlier than expected.

Feel Good About It by Marching Band

Annie waits for Ethan to arrive at The Pit.

Don't Believe In Love by Dido

Naomi confronts Gail.

Adventures In Solitude by The New Pornographers

Ethan apologizes to Annie; Ryan tries to get answers from Kelly.

Always Where I Need To Be by The Kooks

Harry questions Dixon about his job & school work.

Before It Gets Better by Earlimart

Dixon hands over the car money; Silver tells Naomi she won't post anything; Annie apologizes to Ty.

On And Off by Signal Hill Transmission

Ty & Annie kiss in the hallway; Naomi thanks Ethan.

[105] Wide Awake And Dreaming

Shattered (Turn The Car Around) by O.A.R

Dress rehearsal.

Mama Who Bore Me from 'Spring Awakening'

Adrianna sings for Brenda; repeats as Annie sings the opening song of the musical.

Little Bit by Lykke Li

Naomi, Silver & Annie talk about sex over lunch.

The Bitch Of Living from 'Spring Awakening'

Ty & the guys perform.

How The Day Sounds by Greg Laswell

Ethan tries to convince Annie to rethink her plans; Kelly & Brenda talk about the students.

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You by Black Kids

Adrianna shows up at Ty's room.

The One by Annalee Ferry & Melissa Ritter

Silver & Dixon's post-play rehash.

L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold

Annie finds Adrianna in Ty's room.

Hollywood by Collective Soul

Annie rants to Ethan & Naomi; Silver tells Dixon they're taking it slow.

Birds by Emiliana Torrini

Annie goes home & cries.

[106] Model Behavior

Windows by N.E.R.D

Test shoot for the fashion show.

Now by Mates Of State

Naomi & Ethan's make-out session is interrupted by Naomi's mom.

So What by Pink

Start of the fashion show; Annie is asked to audition for a movie.

Let's Reggae All Night by CSS

Post-fashion show party.

Got You by Senor Happy

Adrianna & Annie compare mothers; Adrianna explains what happened with Ty.

Spiralling by Keane

Annie confronts her dad; Naomi's father arrives; Ryan & Brenda leave together; Dixon punches the producer.

Got It Good by Jem

Dixon comforts Silver; Navid chats with models; Ty & Annie agree to be friends.

With You by Natalie Walker

Kelly tells Silver she plans to visit Dylan; Adrianna meets up with a drug dealer.

[107] Hollywood Forever

Tomorrow by Sixx:A.M

Kimberly is introduced to Ryan's class.

Cacophony by Tilly and The Wall

Silver explains her half-birthday party to Dixon.

Hot N Cold by Katy Perry

Naomi finds out about Ethan & Annie's 'baby'.

Worry About You by 2AM Club

Silver talks to Ryan & Dixon.

You May Be In Darkness by Simone White

Adrianna goes home to confess to her mother.

Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones

Silver & Dixon take photos at Johnny Ramone's grave.

Not To Hurt You by Ananova

Ryan meets his internet date.

Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson

Ethan & Annie arrive at Hollywood Forever.

Feather by Ananova

Debbie & Harry discuss Tracy's actions.

I Don't Know Why by A-501

Ryan & his date run into Kimberly.

The Knife by Bernard Herrmann

Ryan leaves the film to get coffee.

The Search by Bernard Herrmann

Ethan & Annie try to quiet their 'baby'; Harry meets with Kimberly.

The Cellar by Bernard Herrmann

Ethan's attempt to kiss Annie is interrupted.

Any Other World by Mika

Naomi leaves Adrianna an angry message; paramedics work to revive Adrianna.

[108] There's No Place Like Homecoming

When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls

Debbie looks at Harry's high school yearbook.

Come On Baby by JonO Brown & Jeff Kollman / Beyond Music

Silver & Annie discuss the Homecoming dance.

Rich Girls, Poor Girls by Everybody Else

Ethan tells Annie he won't be asking her to the dance.

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

A medicated Silver sings as Dixon helps her walk.

Without You by Everybody Else

Preparing for Homecoming.

The World Should Revolve Around Me by Little Jackie

Performed at Homecoming as Annie & Naomi arrive.

Closer by Ne-Yo

Annie phones Silver; Ethan asks Annie to dance; Ozzie & Naomi dance.

Hurricane Jane by Black Kids

Adrianna arrives at the dance.

Hollywood Workout Pimp Da Pen / True Music

Ryan catches Kimberly buying drugs.

Buttermilk by Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Debbie confronts Harry about Tracy; Kimberly tells Ryan she's a cop.

The Stoop by Little Jackie

Performed as Naomi asks Annie not to date Ethan.

28 Butts by Little Jackie

Debbie warns off Tracy.

That Kiss by The Courteeners

Naomi comforts Adrianna; Annie & Ethan kiss; Dixon & Silver dance; montage.

[109] Secrets and Lies

Believe by The Bravery

Annie & Dixon discuss their dad's announcement.

Is That All You Got by Bosshouse Music

Navid welcomes Adrianna back to school.

Kiss with A Fist by Florence and The Machine

Silver invites Naomi to the slumber party.

Turn Me Out by Bosshouse Music

Naomi invites Adrianna to the slumber party.

Trouble Is A Friend by Lenka

Harry tells Annie she can't go to Silver's party.

Old Enough by The Raconteurs

The girls play 'I Never'.

Better Than Lies by Beehive

The slumber party becomes a 'party' party.

Phantom Rock by Ashley, Jeff & John / True Music

Silver distracts Naomi; Adrianna & Navid kiss.

Plots by The Glove & Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Naomi finds Annie; Annie gets sick after telling Ethan they need to talk.

Bad Dream by Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Harry arrives & ends the party.

Greetings From The Side by Gary Jules

Annie & Ethan agree to continue their relationship; Naomi calls Ozzie as she spots Ethan & Annie kissing.

[110] Games People Play

Thunder by Boys Like Girls

Naomi wanders the school hallways.

Never Be Your Baby by Will Dailey

Naomi & Annie shop.

Neon Beanbag by Stereolab

Annie discovers that Jason is visiting.

Kurdestan by Jamshid

Adrianna shows up at Navid's house.

Vegetable Car by Joshua Radin

Ryan & Kimberly talk on the phone.

Avalin Negah by Jamshid

Adrianna dines with Navid's family.

Heartless by Kanye West

Jason, Annie & friends go out for dinner.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot originally by Pat Benatar

Tabitha does karaoke at Annie's party.

Peace Of Mind by Will Dailey

Ethan apologizes & gives Annie a gift; Jason & Naomi see Ethan & Annie kiss.

When The Saints Go Marching In

Dixon & Silver sing.

[111] That Which We Destroy

Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Naomi & Annie meet their half-brother, Sean.

I'll Be Your Breeze by Andrew Belle

Annie & Ethan talk about Naomi.

All Is Gone 2 by Shane Drasin & Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Lacrosse practice.

Lovie by Boys Boys Boys

Naomi runs into Annie.

Save The Lies by Gabriella Cilmi

Naomi asks Ozzie for a favor.

Kaleidoscope Machine by Katie Costello

Tabitha gives Debbie some advice.

Young One by Mackabella

Naomi negotiates with Ozzie for the table.

Angel Lady by Aaron Jerome ft Andreya

Debbie, Harry and Traci have dinner with Sean.

Drum Cadence by Bert Ferntheil

A0 Debbie & Sean arrive at the game; repeats as Ethan chats with Silver & Adrianna and during the end of the game.

Man Up by The Blue Van


I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie

The Wilsons return home; Sean makes a mysterious phone call.

[112] Hello, Goodbye, Amen

Spaceman by The Killers

Naomi brags about her vacation with Sean to Ethan & Annie.

Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini

The Wilsons play Pictionary.

Astronaut Jebus by JonO Brown & Jeff Kollman / Beyond Music

Christina visits Dixon at work.

Ok by Holly Conlan

Naomi shows Annie pictures of herself & Sean; Annie comes to a realization.

Leave It To The Lord

The choir performs as Dixon arrives at the Whitney's BBQ.

This Little Light Of Mine

The choir performs as Dixon meets Mr. Whitney.

Oh Happy Day

The choir performs as Dixon & Christina talk.

Keep Your Head by Kirk Franklin

Silver arrives at the BBQ.

Amazing Grace

Mr. Whitney asks Dixon to sing.

Take The Blame by Holly Conlan

Harry discovers that Sean left; Adrianna breaks down.

The Fear You Won't Fall by Joshua Radin

Annie consoles her father.

[113] Love Me Or Leave Me

Big Jumps by Emiliana Torrini

Debbie interrupts Annie & Ethan's phone call.

Cobrastyle by Teddybears ft Mad Cobra

Excessive PDA; Silver complains to Dixon about Annie & Ethan's show of affection.

Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) by Black Kids

The school cancellation is announced; end of the school day.

Could Be Happy by Suzie Benson (aka Suzie Rose) / True Music

Annie complains as Tabitha does T'ai Chi.

The Geeks Were Right by The Faint

Dixon & Navid talk about Silver at The Pit.

You Are Goodbye by Holly Conlan

Adrianna tells Naomi she's pregnant.

Hey Oh by Daniel Lenz

Naomi & Adrianna arrive at the beach party; Annie & Ethan go to Palm Springs.

Does This Mean You're Moving On? by The Airborne Toxic Event

Dixon & Silver set up on the beach.

When The Night by Aaron Nazrul

Naomi tells George to leave.

45 Forever by The All New Adventures Of Us

Annie & Ethan at dinner.

Crying Blood by V V Brown

Naomi yells at her friends for spreading rumors about Adrianna.

Crush by David Archuleta

Annie keeps interrupting her kiss with Ethan.

Hot Summer by Rhys

George questions Navid; Adrianna tells Navid she's pregnant.

Broken Hearts Parade by Good Charlotte

Dixon tells Silver that he loves her.

Hometown Glory by Adele

Navid tells Adrianna he can't deal with her situation; Dixon & Silver talk in the hallway.

Under My Bed by Meiko

Ethan tells Annie why he freaked out.

[114] By Accident

That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Ryan returns to the school.

All The Things You Know by Blue Judy

Adrianna almost has a car accident.

Keep It Simple by Delays

Naomi has breakfast at her dad & Gail's house.

Venn Diagram by Lisa Hannigan

Adrianna tells Naomi she's having the baby.

Oh Me by James Combs

The cast list is posted.

It's Amazing by Jem

Annie refuses to go to the cast party with Ethan.

Bathaddak by Natacha Atlas

Cast party.

Down To Earth by Jem

Dixon breaks up with Silver; Adrianna & Naomi talk as Ty arrives.

Unlimited by Bosshouse Music

Annie phones Ethan to pick her up.

[115] Help Me, Rhonda

El Tahmilla by Extreme Music

Adrianna tells Ty about her pregnancy.

I Can't Do This By Myself by By Divine Right

Dixon & Navid talk about their girl problems.

30 Bars by Alpha Red / True Music

Christina gives Dixon & Navid advice on girls.

Better To Be by Liam Finn

Silver looks for Dixon at The Pit; Adrianna listens to music while waiting for her mom.

Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar

Performed at Christina's friend's party; Navid meets Nika.

I'm Not Over by Carolina Liar

Silver confronts Dixon at the party.

Crack The Shutters by Snow Patrol

Adrianna announces her pregnancy to the school.

[116] Of Heartbreaks And Hotels

Better Kiss Me written by Melissa Ritter, Guy Roche & Elizabeth Vidal

Naomi starts her morning at her hotel.

1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White T's

Planning for Valentine's Day.

Vertigo by Anya Marina

Naomi tries to cheer up Adrianna.

Strange Ways by Luscious Redhead


All The Same To Me by Anya Marina

Annie has problems in her acting class.

Untouched by The Veronicas

Rhonda joins Ethan & Annie for lunch.

Hollywood Love by Raya Yarbrough

Silver tries to book a table at Naomi's hotel.

Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback

Annie asks Ethan & Rhonda what their plans are for the day.

Believe In You by Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Naomi & Silver go the hotel bar for a drink.

Boring Movement by Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Siver surprises Dixon with dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Not Coming Down written by Melissa Ritter, Guy Roche & Elizabeth Vidal

Naomi waits for Liam; Navid & Nika arrive at the dance.

Feelings by Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Silver freaks out when her dessert order is missing.

Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns

Rhonda meets Ethan at the dance.

Pony (It's Ok) by Erin McCarley

Silver & Dixon go to their hotel room; montage of Annie, Naomi & Adrianna alone.

Lovebug by Jonas Brothers

Navid asks Adrianna to be his Valentine; Silver shows Dixon her tattoo.

[117] Life's A Drag

Cheap And Cheerful by The Kills

Naomi dreams of kissing Liam at school.

The Palace At 4 a.m. by A. C. Newman

Dixon & Silver get dressed after having sex in the media room.

Turn Me Off by Audrye Sessions

Naomi & Adrianna discuss Liam.

You and Me by Attack!Attack!

Silver films at The Pit.

The Last Summer by The Forward

Silver works on her film.

Auctioneer by The Broken West

Liam finds Naomi waiting at his car.

Magic Show by Electric Owls

People arrive for Silver's screening.

Sirens In The Deep Sea by Longwave

Naomi asks Liam how he avoided going to school.

Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie

Silver's screening starts.

What A Wonderful World by Joey Ramone

Dixon walks out of the screening.

Blue Day by Darker My Love

Drag racing.

Put In A Little Gas by Colourmusic

Milo hits on Naomi.

Alone by Morning After Girls

Naomi & Liam kiss.

[118] Off The Rails

Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand

News about Silver spreads.

We Will Not Grow Old by Lenka

Navid & Adrianna babysit Sammy.

Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie

Silver's movie plays as Annie & Ethan meet up with Naomi in the media room.

Careless Whisper by George Michael

Kelly tells her mom about Silver.

Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event

Silver explains her theory to a stranger at the bus station.

The Show by Lenka

Adrianna & Navid try to calm down Sammy.

Heavy by Oh No

Silver rushes off to try to catch her train.

Cinder And Smoke by Iron and Wine

Naomi offers Annie a ride home; Kelly checks Silver into a clinic; Adrianna finishes reading the story to Sammy.

What We Started by Alex Lloyd

Debbie & Harry decide to stay in L.A.; Dixon tells Annie about the Silver situation.

[119] Okaeri, Donna!

Love Remains The Same by Gavin Rossdale

Dixon visits with Kelly & Silver.

Let Go by Edison Glass

Dixon counts down to Spring Break.

Bring To Me by Steven Harriton / VTown Cartel Music

Brother-sister roadtrip; repeats as Donna & Kelly drive through L.A. and Silver & Kelly see Donna on the red carpet.

Silly Boy by The Blue Van

Naomi sends Ethan to talk to Liam.

Flathead by The Fratellis

Kelly & Donna talk over lunch.

Meg White by Ray LaMontagne

Donna & Kelly tell Silver about their Diablo Cody encounter.

Never Had Nobody Like You by M Ward

Harry critiques Debbie's nude photo shoot as Annie phones.

The Soldier Song by Sarah Bettens

Annie talks to Dixon's birth mother.

Better Than Lies by Beehive

Dixon & Annie drive home.

Not Fair by Lily Allen

Liam tells Naomi she'll see him again soon.

[120] Between A Sign And A Hard Place

Geraldine by Glasvegas

Morning at Kelly's house.

Take Me To The River originally by Al Green

Harry turns on the Big Mouth Billy Bass; repeats as Naomi gives the Big Mouth Billy Bass back to Harry.

Smirk (Ice Cream) by Marching Band

Naomi picks Annie up for school.

Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun

Navid & Adrianna get lunch.

Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups

Ryan gives Ethan detention for skipping class; The Blendeds pick on Silver.

Up All Night by The Young Knives

The Wilson's yard sale.

Awakening by Aine Minogue

Silver goes to church.

Coast That's Closest by Eagle and Talon

Performed as Kelly & Donna get a drink at the Truck Stop.

Dyed In The Wool by The Young Knives

Naomi & Annie hang out at The Pit.

Dropped Down by Eagle and Talon

Performed as Kelly & Donna dance.

Just Drums by Tapes 'n Tapes

Naomi vs Annie foosball.

Da Feelin by Nightmares On Wax

Donna's store opening.

Feeling I'm Falling by Suzie Benson (aka Suzie Rose) / True Music

Donna gets a message from Kelly.

He's A Rocker by The Vines

Kelly goes back to Ryan's place.

Gimme A Chance by Plain White T's

Navid & Adrianna decide to get married.

[121] The Dionysian Debacle

Love is... by Linda Good

Adrianna & Navid imagine the future.

Sour Cherry by The Kills

Silver starts at her new school.

Morning Light by Ida Maria

Naomi & Annie go on a double date with Liam & his cousin.

Loco by BenLaVain

Liam asks about Naomi's day.

Short Cut (Down A Long Road) by The Big Bad Johns

Liam invites Annie to dinner.

Heavenly Peach Banquet by Monkey

Silver's dream; Silver faces the gossip at school.

Feel The Love by Cut Copy

Naomi introduces Jen to Ryan; Jen runs into Ethan.

[122] The Party's Over

Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Adrianna & Navid announce their engagement to their friends.

Boring Movement by Kurt Farquhar / True Music

Naomi & Jen have lunch with their father.

S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. by The Airlines

Naomi finds her car boxed in at school.

This Old Feeling by The Vanderbilts

Jen & Naomi run into Portia while shopping.

Intelligentactile 101 by Jesca Hoop

The bridal shower starts.

Wined And Grind by Big Willie's Burlesque

The bachelor party starts.

I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

Toliet paper wedding dresses.

Bunny Girl by Big Willie's Burlesque

The guys watch the burlesque dancers; sorority girls arrive; repeats as a drunk Dixon rambles on about Silver.

Nice Tits And No Tats by Big Willie's Burlesque

Navid gets on stage with Isabel; repeats as Navid & Isabel's performance ends.

Keep You A Mystery by Will Dailey

Ryan cooks for Jen.

Simplify My Simple Life by Mackabella

A0Naomi makes a toast to Navid & Adrianna.

Damaged Girl by Effcee

Annie runs into LIam bringing Dixon home.

Maybe Maybe by Nico Stai

Adrianna tells Navid she's not ready to raise a baby.

Boys & Girls (pig mix) by Mon Roe

Liam tells Annie he's waiting for her to 'explode'.

Get Together by Standing Shadows

A0Baby cake.

Rescue Me by Sarah Bettens

Navid & Adrianna decide not to get married right now.

Make Me Believe by Angel Taylor

Jen & Naomi go to yoga at the beach.

[123] Zero Tolerance

After The Fact by The Breakups

After-prom party video.

Spoiled Peach by Liz Phair

The girls shop for prom dresses.

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

The gang arrives at prom.

Houses by Great Northern

Red carpet photos.

Untouched by The Veronicas

Performed as Jen & Ryan run into Kelly at the prom; Harry overhears some students talking about an after-prom party.

Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? by The Offspring

Annie tells Charlie she's not romantically interested in him.

Take Me On The Floor by The Veronicas

Performed as Jen questions Naomi about Liam; Jen confronts Kelly.

Gold Guns Girls by Metric

Ethan tells Ryan he's not going to the Lacrosse camp; Abbey confronts Annie; Silver tells Dixon she's ready to return to West Beverly High.

Young Adult Friction by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Kelly warns Ryan about Jen.

Gimme Sympathy by Metric

Naomi & Liam run into Kelly on the film lot.

Choose You by Karuna

Harry advises Kelly; Navid starts a fight with Ty.

Let The Love Back In by The Orange Lights

Liam & Naomi dance.

[124] One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer

The Only One by Manchester Orchestra

Naomi tells Jen about Liam's life; Naomi offers to host the after prom party.

Panic by The Boat People

Naomi spreads news of her party; Dixon, Ethan & Silver search for their limo.

Beautiful Dreamer originally by Roy Orbison

The Wildcat Crooners perform at the Post-Prom-A-Palooza.

Bang Bang by K'naan ft Adam Levine

Annie tries to keep the party under control; Dixon & Ethan talk about Silver.

Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry

Liam shows Annie his sketch of her erupting.

Everyone's At It by Lily Allen

Ethan tells Silver he thinks she & Dixon make a good couple.

Superthug by Noreaga

Ethan & Dixon trade their jackets back.

Absolute by The Fray

Annie agrees to drive Phoebe home; Jen convinces Liam that Naomi told his secrets to everyone.

Sugar by Flo Rida

The party moves to the pool; Dixon confronts Ethan about his feelings for Silver.

Back Again by Parachute

Naomi arrives at her party & finds Liam get redressed in her bedroom; Jen reveals the truth to Liam.

Let Go by Amy Correa Bell ft Genise / True Music

Naomi accuses Annie of sleeping with Liam.

The Funeral by Band Of Horses

Silver & Ethan kiss; Jen comforts Naomi as the police arrive; Adrianna passes her daughter to Paul & Leslie; Liam is dragged off to Wilderness school; Annie commits a hit & run.

90210 music list adapted from The CW

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