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90210 Music Season 5

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[501] Til Death Do Us Part

All Mine by Little Red

Max tries explaining to his mom why he called off his wedding, then he asks Naomi to run off to Vegas with him and get married.

California by Tamar Kaprelian

Teddy & Silver discuss the possibility of him fathering her child.

Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

Max & Naomi drive to Vegas, then end up crashing when Naomi opens a bottle of champagne.

About Us by Crazy Love

Adrianna lies in bed with the guy from the bar.

This Kiss by Carly Rae Jepsen

Performed as Austin complains about Adrianna not taking things seriously; Adrianna gets a call from Annie informing her of Dixon's situation.

Circles Around The Sun by Dispatch

Naomi flags down a car.

Angels by The XX

Adrianna joins Annie at Dixon's bedside; Annie prays, then runs to embrace her mom.

Cherokee by Cat Power

Liam returns to the bar and accidentally starts a fire.

Until We Get There by Lucius

Max & Naomi return home; Teddy tells Silver he'll father her child; Dixon wakes up.

Shadows by Au Revoir Simone

Alec warns Naomi that he's not going to let her ruin Max's life again; Liam talks with his insurance agent as Vanessa looks on.

[502] The Sea Change

The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne

Max comments on Naomi's lack of luggage for their honeymoon.

We Run The Night by Havana Brown ft Pitbull

Taylor gives Liam an idea of the changes he wants to make at Off Shore; Silver invites Liam to attend Naomi's wedding reception with her.

I Don't Wanna Wake Up by Ivy Levan

Vanessa informs Liam that he has to move in with her as part of their deal.

Coffee Table by Lemaitre

Dixon reassures Adrianna that he'll be better in no time.

Only One by Sammy Adams

Performed as Naomi get her party going; Taylor follows Adrianna off the dancefloor, then she responds to his kiss with a slap and rips up his number.

All Night Longer by Sammy Adams

Naomi introduces the Colton brothers to Liam in an attempt to get them to work with Max's company.

Ruin by Cat Power

Liam & Vanessa get into an argument and Vanessa ends up falling into the ocean.

[503] It's All Fun And Games

Little Numbers by BOY

The girls work on stuff for an 'Happy Insemination' party for Silver.

Some Love by Marsal Ventura ft Medussa

Riley bugs Dixon about not trying hard enough; Annie & Riley talk about Dixon's progress.

Story by Royal Teeth

Liam meets with a lawyer to see if he can break the contract with Vanessa; Annie asks Liam if he's seen Dixon.

Moonlight Mile by The Babies

Naomi & Alec hang out at the boardwalk; Adrianna talks Silver into going on a trapeze; Alec wins a silver unicorn for Naomi, then kisses her.

Follow Me by Kid Shimmy

Annie asks Riley for help finding Dixon.

Caught Between by The Thirstbusters

Dixon tells Riley about the revelation he had during his therapy session.

Mtn Tune by Trails And Ways

Annie asks Riley if he found Dixon; Liam helps Dixon join the alumni surf.

Underwater by Joshua Radin

Dixon rides his surfboard onto the shore as the girls cheer on the beach.

Sun Trails by Craft Spells

Silver does a nude photo shoot.

Rabbit Song by Boy & Bear

Naomi tells Alec she plans to tell Max about their kiss; Alec looks at surveillance photos of his day with Naomi.

[504] Into The Wild

Summer In The City by Freedom Fry

Naomi tells the girls her plan to tell Max about her kiss with Alec; Silver finds out that her nude photo shoot was put up on-line.

Sun Finds Us by Red Lights

Liam tells Navid he signed up for a class, then he chats with Professor Beckwith.

Miss Me by Tristan Wilds

Adrianna drops by Dixon's place to find him working with Taylor.

Let's Be Honest by Bearcat

Annie tells Naomi about Colin; Silver updates the girls on her naked picture problem; Naomi asks Colin to drop by. 024

Pogo by Dune Rats

Dixon, Liam & Navid set up their camp site, then the guys tease Liam about getting 'special treatment'.

X-Rated by Kate Alexa

Adrianna, Silver & Annie get a lesson on pole dancing.

Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes

Silver does a dress rehearsal of her music video for Taylor.

Johnny Got A Boom Boom by Imelda May

Silver signs up for to dance on stage.

[505] Hate 2 Love

Let It Live Free by He's My Brother, She's My Sister

Silver asks Liam if he's seen Navid, then they catch up; Navid catches Liam & Silver hugging; Liam suggests he & Navid create a formal agreement about the Offshore.

Make It Rain by Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Silver is congratulated on her performance & is told she needs a stage name.

3 AM by Evan Frankfort

Naomi tracks down Madison at a spa and asks for her help exposing Alec.

Eye On It by TobyMac

Liam checks out the Pop Up; Annie tells Adrianna she asked Riley about Dixon being able to have sex; Riley arrives and chats with Annie.

Alive by Dub Pistols ft Red Star Lion

Lindsey drops off the paperwork for Liam's approval.

Make Him Pay by JD Samson & MEN

Megan thanks Dixon for inviting him to the Pop Up; Adrianna wishes Dixon good luck, then asks if they can talk about their relationship later.

Miss Me by Tristan Wilds

Dixon performs; Naomi attempts to get Madison to tell Max about Alec's manipulations.

Turn Up The Love by Far East Movement ft Cover Drive

Navid congratulates Dixon on his performance; Riley asks Annie to dance, then they are interrupted by Colin; Silver asks Navid if he's seen Liam.

Parking Lot by Nelly Furtado

Performed as Naomi & Madison dance, then Alec tries to convince Madison to change her mind about talking to Max; Riley comments on Annie & Colin's dancing.

Without Warning by The Pass

Lindsey complains about Liam judging her, then they make out in kitchen.

Time To Realize by Lemaitre

Navid makes a customer hand over his phone, then discovers that Liam & Lindsey had sex; Lindsey tells Liam they can't tell anyone what they did; an EMT wheels Madison away after her fall; Max informs Naomi & Alex that someone hacked their server; Annie apologizes to Colin for what Riley said.

[506] The Con

Like You Do by Jay Stolar

Liam & Lindsey make out in her car, then discuss needing to keep their relationship quiet.

Amour Than Amis by Two Hours Traffic

Colin apologizes to Annie then tells her he likes her; Silver stops by Navid's Pop Up.

Miss Me by Tristan Wilds

Dixon tells Adrianna she has to take a look at the video of him performing at the Pop Up.

Untie My Shoelaces by Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds

Adrianna shows up on Taylor's doorstep and kisses him.

Under The Sun by Cult 45

Naomi tells Max about the work area she's set up of his employees; Annie & Colin arrive to help with the coding session.

Come Together by Spaceman ft Suspence

Phenomi-Con starts; Silver saves Liam from an obsessive fan.

Pack Lite by Harlan

Adrianna turns up at Taylor's apartment & he tells her she has to end things with Dixon or their relationship is over.

Where It Hurts by Lonely Estates

Lindsey admits to Liam she saw his movie on opening night on her own.

I Love You The Worst by Kid Infinity

The 'Corporate Invaders 2' clip is introduced.

Broke Up The Family by The Milk

Naomi & Alex battle out their differences at the presentation; Annie & Silver discuss their guy problems; Riley arrives to tell Annie about Dixon's medical issues, then they kiss.

October Trees by Ron Pope

Lindsey breaks up with Liam; Adrianna tells Taylor about Dixon's setback, then he tells her their over; Liam pays off Navid for his part in the club and tells him to never return; Max asks Alex to resign.

[507] 99 Problems

Forget Me Knots by Heathers

Silver pregnancy test comes up negative; Adrianna tells Dixon & Annie that she's opening for Ne-yo.

Summer's Over by Jon Robert

Silver asks Liam to go with her to the fertility clinic.

This Day by Nushu

Adrianna sees a text about the engagement ring while she & Silver look through clothes.

This Cruel Town by Matt Keating

Liam meets his new security guard, Ashley.

Falling Away by Big Scary

Riley runs into an ex-girlfriend while out to dinner with Annie.

Life by Sherlock Tones

Max & Naomi run into Bryce at the Hollywood Bowl.

Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes

Adrianna performs as Liam introduces his bodyguard to Annie; Annie gets a text from Riley saying he's not coming; Dixon waits for Adrianna backstage.

Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) by Ne-Yo

Performed at the Hollywood Bowl.

Listen Don't Speak by Heathers

Silver tells Liam a medical complication means she can't try IVF again.

Let's Go by Ne-Yo

Naomi tracks down Bryce and tells her she has to take the job with Max's company; Naomi tells Max why she talked Bryce into taking the job.

I Could Be by Kyla La Grange

Adrianna & Dixon lie in bed and talk about his non-proposal; Ashley tells Liam she's installing security cameras in the bar; Ashley gets Liam's face tattooed on her back.

[508] 902-100

Love Is Strange by The Gravitons

Dixon tells Adrianna he now has his own record label, then they discuss what to call it.

Baby Caught The Bus by Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes

Silver watches one of the burlesque girls, Vesta, dance.

Trojans by Atlas Genius

Naomi has her photo taken with all her West Bev friends, then tellsl Silver her plan to get on the Alumni Club; Navid reminisces about high school.

Fast Car by Taio Cruz

Performed at the alumni party; Naomi tells Max why she's trying to get into the club, then Max informs her the merger when through; Silver asks Teddy why he lied about Shane breaking up with him.

World Party (Flip It) by DJ Tory Tee ft Vanessa Bryan

Silver tells Shane that she thinks Teddy is scared then she runs into Vesta, who tries to convince Silver to perform with them.

Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes

Dixon watches a video of Adrianna performing & kissing Taylor.

Boo Hoo Hoo by No Sinner

Silver performs with Vesta & her Belles of Burlesque.

Rock Baby Red by Aitan

The group comments on Silver's performance; Dixon tells Adrianna they need to talk; Silver tells Teddy taking a chance can be rewarding.

Midnight Midnight by The Potbelleez

Naomi preps for the lingerie show; Gwen tells Naomi she's impressed with what's she's done so far; Naomi runs into former classmate Reece.

I Don't Wanna Dance by Alex Gaudino ft Taboo

Annie & Liam discover that Jasper was trying to give him a screenplay.

Body Rock by Bestfriends

The crowd throws hors d'oeuvres at Naomi.

Save Face by Smoke & Jackal

Navid gives Liam an embarrassing video of himself to try to compensate for the sex tape fiasco; Liam asks Navid to keep an eye on his house; Vanessa climbs out of a pool.

[509] The Things We Do For Love

Happy Holidays To You by Roz Bell

Naomi complains to the girls about Max being fired, then Annie reveals she's thinking of doing a writing program in Scotland.

Heartbeat by Kopecky Family Band

Adrianna tells Navid about all the things that Dixon is making her doing under her music contract.

Christmastime by James Combs

Dixon invites Megan to a Christmas party with him and his friends.

What Child Is This by Denny Jiosa

Navid has drinks with Bryce.

O Holy Night by Josh Ricchio

Navid & Bryce talk about their exes, then Bryce reveals that Alec was her boyfriend & told her how to get Max's job.

Now I'm All Messed Up by Tegan and Sara

Performed at the Christmas party as Riley tells Annie he was starting to take thing seriously between them; Dixon tells Annie he doesn't need his crutches anymore.

Gold by Billy Pace

Silver tells Teddy she doesn't want him to be a father to her child.

Closer by Tegan and Sara

Performed as Navid informs Naomi that Alec was the one out to get Max; Adrianna gives Dixon a Christmas present.

So Strange by Pacific Air

Shane confronts Silver about cutting Teddy out of her baby's life; Megan drops by to see Dixon & her reveals that he was in the car her father hit.

Heavy Is As Heavy Does by Menomena

Naomi confronts Alex over what he did to Max; Riley tells his doctor he wants to do the spinal surgery; Naomi finds a note from Max saying he went to the conference; Annie & Vanessa check for bar for Liam, while he is chained up downstairs.

[510] Misery Loves Company

Puzzle Of Love by Quincy Blaque Trio

Dixon wakes up with bed with Megan.

Purple by California Wives

Naomi & Adrianna go on a road trip and reminisce; Naomi suggests Adrianna move into her guest house.

Spit On My Liver by White Demons

Adrianna & Naomi enter the biker bar & alter their dresses to look less 'hippy'; Adrianna spots her song on the juke box.

Paint by The Paper Kites

Dixon tells Megan he's not using her to get revenge on Adrianna, then asks why she left his place.

I Don't Want You Anymore by Jessica Lowndes

Adrianna gets the whole bar line dancing to her song; Adrianna checks on Naomi.

Set Ourselves Free by Uncle Lucius

Billy shows Adrianna how to ride his motorcycle, then she gets a call from Dixon.

Make Me Baby by Mariner

Naomi orders a drink and is hit on by a biker named Bear.

Shine Ya Light by Rita Ora

Performed at Dixon's record launch as Dixon & Teddy discuss Adrianna & moving on; Adrianna arrives with Billy.

R.I.P. by Rita Ora

Performed as Dixon admits to Adrianna he doesn't want to have any feelings for her, including hate; Silver and Charles talk to Teddy the child custody issues.

Turn It Down by Sideway Runners

Teddy tells Silver he's never signing the form allowing her to use the embryos.

Holding A Heart by Girl Named Toby

Naomi hugs her mother; Adrianna goes on stage; Silver lies to her doctor about having permission to use the embryos; Ashley is arrested as Annie lies on the floor bleeding.

[511] We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Justine by Julia Stone

Liam tells Annie that her getting shot is all his fault; Annie is taken into surgery.

My Ride by Mingo

Dixon tells Navid he can't have Adrianna around him while his album is about to come out.

Here's To Feeling Free by Nushu

Naomi tells Annie she's taking business classes in order to find a husband.

Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin by Elephant Stone

Teddy joins Annie & Naomi; Liam invites the girls to a party; Ty suggests Liam trade his stepdad's Oxycontin for the money he owes.

We Go! Go! by The Dirtbags

Dixon is introduced on stage.

Free Ride by Tristan Wilds

Dixon performs as Ty & Liam talk about the drugs; Silver suggests to Teddy that he's gay; Annie & Naomi arrive at the club.

Watch You by Clinton Sparks ft Pitbull & The Disco Fries

Annie & Naomi are told to go to the back of the line; Adrianna arrives at the club & helps Naomi & Annie get into the club; Adrianna offers Silver a better story; Annie confronts Dixon.

Obey the DJ by Jonathan Bluth

Naomi turns down Teddy's advances, but he convinces her to go somewhere quieter; Liam looks for Ty; Annie tries to get a taxi & loses her phone.

One Touch Too Little by Love Can Do

Teddy tells Naomi he knows she's a gold digger, asks her to be his girlfriend, then admits he's gay.

The Feeling by The Knocks

Dixon meets Megan; Ty tells Navid he has the oxy; Liam helps Annie retrieve her cellphone, then ends up arrested for drug possession; Dixon friends tease him for being from Kansas.

Duck Duck Goose by Dude Royal

Dixon tells Navid he doesn't need to stick around

Something For You by Sarabeth Tucek

Annie gets the group together and tells them how their lives should be.

State I Am In by Sarabeth Tucek

Annie & Dixon make up; Naomi meets Max; Silver tells Teddy she won't out him.

Destroying Me by Vinnie Ferra

Teddy finds out about Silver forging his signature; Naomi finds Max staying at his parent's house; Annie tells Liam what happened to her wasn't his fault; Liam smashes a guy's headlight.

[512] Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It by Stars

Naomi & Max talk with a couples counsellor; Silver ambushes Teddy at this tennis club.

Shake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes

Adrianna sings a fast food jingle version of her song.

Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Ryan Dalton

Liam works out at a boxing gym & is asked if he wants to spar with another fighter, Carlos.

I Know What I Want by Irya's Playground

Liam tells Teddy about how much he enjoyed boxing; Teddy talks to Navid & Liam about his problems with Silver, then they run into an old classmate of Teddy's.

We'll Pull Through by The Jolly Folks

Dixon tells Annie how much he wants to help Megan stay in town; Naomi arrives to give Silver a makeover, then convinces her to help out at a beauty pageant.

Please Be Kind by The Tins

Navid works to convince Campbell to invite him to join the Cronus Society.

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by Birdy

A pageant girl calls Silver 'mommy'; Naomi runs into her old boss, Rachel.

Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes

Adrianna performs with the pageant girls; Max tells Naomi he wants to go to MIT.

Hearts Like Us by Sam Sparro

Navid throws a party for the Cronus Society; Liam complains about the party, then freaks out at a guy wanting his photo.

One More by Joshua Radin

Annie phones the hospital and discovers that Riley died from a blood clot.

You Are My Planet by Quiet Arrows

Annie informs Dixon that Riley died; Teddy's lawyer tells Silver that they embryos can only be used if a surrogate carries the baby; Naomi finds a goodbye present from Max.

[513] #realness

Through The Deep, Dark Wood by The Veils

Navid tells Liam that the Cronus Society wants another underground fight.

Second Look by The Soft Pack

Dixon tells Navid about his problems with Megan & Adrianna, then tells Navid to show the Cronus guys what he has to offer.

Addict by Adventure Galley

The girls go shopping; Adrianna shoplifts and gets stopped by security.

Baby You're Better by Spring Break

The Cronus Society make a toast to Navid, then asks when the next fight will be; Navid chats up a woman to impress the guys.

Monarch by Nervous Cloud

Dixon talks to Rand Gunn to see if he's willing to take over Adrianna's contract.

Last One Standing by Purple Sneakers DJs

Navid & the woman from the bar play 'I Never'.

Steam by Deep Sea Arcade

Terrell Owens is introduced at the After-School Achievers Invitational; Liam chats with Terrell before the game; Max tells Naomi that their night together was a huge mistake.

Get Juiced by The High Decibels

Dixon interrupts Adrianna while she's listening to music so he can introduce her to Rand.

Now by Matt and Kim

The football game ends with Liam's team winning.

Major Minus by Coldplay

The studio executives wait for Liam's arrival; Liam heads into the fight club.

[514] Brother From Another Mother

High School by Go West Young Man

Campbell tells Navid to leave his phone on during his calculus exam; Silver shows Michaela around campus.

Driven Back by Jesse and Noah

Navid confronts Campbell about sending him the exam answers and asks him to send the guys the physics exam answers.

Girls Want Rock by Free Energy

Annie tells Dixon he needs to start listening to demos; Naomi tells Annie about her 'Plan B' to get Mark in her life.

It's Time by Imagine Dragons

People gather for the Food Truck Cook-Off and Battle Of The Bands; Naomi tells Mark she created the whole cook-off for him.

The Drug by Kids Of 88

Michaela meets up with Navid and is seen kissing by Campbell; Dixon & Mark meet each and Annie rushes in to prevent Dixon from finding out Mark's identity.

Bad Bad Girl by The Thirstbusters

Performed at the Battle Of The Bands; Adrianna is asked to sub for a band's lead singer; Naomi checks in with Wolfgang Puck, then warns Mark the contest isn't over yet.

Get Out Of My Way by Scarlett Drive

Adrianna freaks out over Silver ignoring what's going on in everyone else's lives.

Ride by Kiss The Girl

Annie admits to Dixon that Mark is their half-brother.

Ready To Go by Jessica Lowndes

Adrianna performs with a band as Naomi sneaks into Mark's taco truck; Silver tries to talk to Liam about what happened at the courthouse, then spots Michaela hanging out with Navid & discovers they slept together; Liam punches out an audience member; Naomi causes the taco truck to crash.

The Enemy by Kita Klane

Silver apologizes to Adrianna that she's been a terrible friend, then suggests they run a food truck together.

Amazing Grace by Lyndon Smith

Dixon hears Michaela singing.

[515] Strange Brew

Can't Take My Love by Sara Jackson-Holman

Annie daydreams about making out with Liam in his kitchen.

(unknown) by Lyndon Smith

Dixon plays Michaela the track he's been working on of her singing.

Let's Get Outta Here by Kevin and The Octaves

Silver & Adrianna brainstorm ideas for their mobile truck, then they tease Naomi about what she's wearing.

Don't Go Alone by Cruiser

Campbell asks Navid to attend a concert with his fiancee.

(unknown) by Lyndon Smith

Silver drops by the studio as Dixon works on one of Michaela's tracks.

Champion by The Chevin

Liam helps Mark set up at the restaurant.

In The Mood by The Syndakit

Navid & Sonja go for drinks about the show.

The Valley by The Oh Hello's

Navid questions Campbell about his night with his ex-girlfriend.

Dance All Night by Free Energy

Liam works in his brewery room, then is joined by Dixon, who tells him about working with Michaela.

F(r)iends by Dune Rats

Naomi & Mark talk while riding on the ferris wheel.

Alone Again by The Pass

Mark freaks out over how many people showed up for the restaurant opening, then drags Naomi into the kitchen.

Cast Away by Strange Talk

Liam talks up his beer; Navid asks Sonja about her & Campbell's future plans; Naomi tells Dixon he needs to get Michaela up on stage; the girls arrive at the restaurant.

(unknown) by Lyndon Smith

Michaela performs at the restaurant; Naomi asks Annie to help with serving the customers.

Lows and Highs by Moros Eros

Michaela asks Dixon how he could forget to tell Silver about recording together; Dixon asks Adrianna about the filming equipment.

Let Go by The Brevet

Dixon compliments Liam on the surf board he made; Amanda tells Annie she loves the new ending.

[516] Life's A Beach

If So by Atlas Genius

Liam tells Dixon & Navid about his plan to make surf boards for women; Liam gets his first customer.

Everyone's Fightin' The Same Damn Fight by The Lovemakers

Campbell rags on Navid while he's looking at the school job board.

Woman by Victory

Sydney stops by to watch Liam shape her surf board.

Carried Away by Passion Pit

Naomi asks Adrianna if she's into Mark.

Alligator by The Babies

Navid asks Liam if he can do the marketing for Liam's new surf board company.

Gonna Get Ya by MasterSource / FirstCom Music

At the Surf Festival, Sydney tells Liam how much she likes her new surf board.

Youngblood by 3OH!3

Annie asks Silver if she's seen Dixon; Navid introduces Liam to Brock Page; Liam tells Navid that Sydney can't invest in his company; Annie & Naomi fight over Mark.

Ocean's Eye by Peace

Liam asks Mark what happened with Adrianna, then Mark tells him how freaked out his is about New York.

Shining Star by Lyndon Smith

Michaela dedicates her song to Dixon; Silver apologizes to Dixon with a dance flash mob at Michaela's performance; Naomi & Annie apologize to Adrianna.

Bloodshake by Peace

Mark tells Naomi he's not going to New York.

Under by Crooked Hands

Sydney tells Liam he has to leave before her stepson gets home; Liam overhears Campbell saying he's set Navid up to take the fall for the test cheating.

[517] Dude, Where's My Husband

Do What You Want by Cheerleader

Annie tells Adrianna about Mark & Liam's fix-it project; Adrianna & Annie asks Naomi if she needs to talk about receiving divorce papers.

Play It by Victory

Dixon & Mark hang out at the restaurant and flirt with some girls; Adrianna & Silver run into Mark, then reaffirm their pact not to get involved with him.

Scream & Shout by Will.i.am ft Britney Spears

The girls hang out at the restaurant; Naomi proposes a toast.

Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr

Naomi wakes up in the pool wearing a veil, then rushes into the house to awaken Adrianna.

Nails For Breakfast by NagNagNag

Navid asks Liam for help with the cheating scandal and they come up with a plan to find more evidence.

Do My Thing by Hot Knives

Naomi asks one of the male strippers if they got married, as Adrianna & Silver arrive.

Greatest by Blood Red Boots

Liam arrives at the Cronus gathering and chats with Campbell.

I Think I Love You Today by Baby Jaymes

Naomi is filled in on their night out by Camille & Brandi.

Hate The Sun by Feersum Ennjin

Liam is served up a tray of shots as part of his Cronus initiation.

Railroad Track by Willy Moon

Liam walks along a ledge as the next part of his initiation.

Change by Churchill

Naomi, Silver & Adrianna chat over a drink; Naomi call Jordan back; Silver returns Mark's jacket; Annie fixes the bathroom doorknob; Liam tells Navid he wasn't able to find any evidence on the Cronus guys; Silver confesses to Adrianna that she broke their pact.

[518] A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Call Girl

Long Lost by Classixx

Naomi asks Jordan about his company; Jordan assures Mark he wants him to cater his next event.

Lost by Blood Red Boots

Liam makes plans with his Cronus brothers for an after hours poker game at the club as Navid calls him.

Memory Leak by Ether Teeth

Annie tries to distract Naomi from planning the book launch party.

Bad Man by Victory

Campbell tells Liam that his ECON class has to retake their final exam.

Inner Ninja by Classified ft David Myles

Mark advises Dixon to stop acting like he's in high school, then asks for Adrianna's phone number; Liam fills Navid in on how to expose the Cronus guys' cheating.

Another Place by Taxi Doll

The book launch party starts; Naomi tells Annie her plan for finding Author X.

Moving Pictures by Taxi Doll

Annie runs into Liam at the book launch; Liam runs into Sydney & her husband.

Sapphire by Instant People

Naomi tells Mark his food's amazing; Jordan compliments Naomi on the party then introduces her to Elizabeth; Silver apologizes to Naomi for being late.

A Fax From The Beach by Classixx

Naomi tells Elizabeth she knows why she's at the party.

Ghost by Sir Sly

Navid and Adrianna commiserate together, then end up kissing; Silver reads Annie's book while waiting to talk with Mark; Naomi admits to Jordan how scared she was to get in another relationship.

Everything by Ron Pope

Annie tries to explain why she hid the truth about being Author X; Patrick shows up at Annie's door.

[519] The Empire State Strikes Back

Waves Of Loneliness by Jon Bellion

Adrianna and Navid wake up in bed together as Liam knocks on his door; Navid distracts Liam as Adrianna sneaks out.

Panchito Blues II by Peach Kelli Pop

Silver tells Mark she'll go on a date with him.

Love To Get Used by Matt Pond

Liam & Navid try to sell Cassie McCoy on their company being her sponsor.

Live In This City by Dragonette

Annie, Naomi & Silver walk the streets of New York and meet up with Mark.

Troublemaker by Olly Murs

Navid & Liam surprise Cassie with a concert at the club; Cassie freaks out about seeing her ex-boyfriend with another girl.

Right Place Right Time by Olly Murs

Performed after Cassie and her ex re-unite.

In The City by Caveman

Naomi, Mark & Silver load up their luggage to leave New York.

Block After Block by Matt & Kim

Liam & Navid talk about getting the sponsor for Cassie just as she arrives.

The Last Time by Lyndon Smith

Michaela plays a clip of her new song for Silver & Dixon; repeats as Adrianna listens to Michaela's song.

Dark Doo Wop by MS MR

Adrianna submits Michaela's song for the Spencer Blane contest; Silver tells Mark can't run off to the Mojave Desert with him; the group toasts to Annie's success; Mark is arrested for cocaine possession.

[520] You Can't Win 'Em All

When It's Over by Wild Belle

Liam throws out the promotion pictures of Cassie; Navid finds one of Adrianna's earrings in his bed, then Adrianna realizes it's missing; Michaela ignores Dixon; Silver does a self-breast exam.

Hunger by Rhye

Dixon confronts Adrianna about submitting Michaela's demo.

Old Friend by Sea Wolf

Mark tells Naomi he's needs to move to Vermont to be with his kids; Sydney tells Liam she left her husband and asks if he's wants to start over with her.

Go Slow by Haim

Naomi & Jordan chat in bed, then he gets a call from his sister.

I Have Made Mistakes by The Oh Hellos

Liam tells Annie he wants her to buy The Offshore so he can move to Australia with Sydney; Silver & Dixon discover that Michaela packed up and left.

[521] Scandal Royale

Louder (Put Your Hands Up) by Chris Willis

Dixon talks to a producer from the Spencer Blane concert; Dixon & Silver argue over who's to blame for Michaela's disappearance.

We're All No One by Nervo ft Afrojack & Steve Aoki

Campbell confronts Navid, Liam & Sydney at the concert.

My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy

Performed as the Spencer Blane concert starts; Liam tells Annie that he couldn't find Old Salty and therefore can't sell the bar.

The Last Time by Jessica Lowndes

Adrianna performs the song as Dixon informs Navid that Adrianna wrote the song about him; Sydney tells Liam there's nothing stopping them from moving to Australia; Naomi walks through a bunch of reporters; Silver has a medical scan done; Annie tells Dixon she needs her own fresh start in Paris.

[522] We All Fall Down

Oh Sailor by Mr Little Jeans ft The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Youth Chorale

Naomi sets up for her rescue relief concert and hands out t-shirts; Annie questions Naomi's motivations for organizing the event.

Rebel Beat by The Goo Goo Dolls

Performed at Naomi's Rescue Relief; Silver takes a bottle of pills from an ambulance; Liam packs up supplies; Navid watches a stream of the concert; Annie informs Naomi she needs to stop the concert.

We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke

Annie tells Naomi that the rescue workers shut off the gas leak; Naomi explains to Annie she had to do an interview about Prince Harry to get money to donate to the relief effort.

Lullabiess by Yuna

A rescue worker informs Dixon & Silver that they've almost reached Navid & Adrianna; Silver throws away the bottle of pills.

London Riots by Beech

Navid is brought out of the theatre on a stretcher and heads to the hospital with Adrianna; Annie says goodbye to her friends.

I Lived by OneRepublic

Annie, Jordan & Naomi board the plane; Liam races the plane on his motorcycle, then proposes to Annie; news of the engagement spreads.

90210 music list adapted from The CW

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