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Angel Music Season 1

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[101] City Of

Maybe I Belong by Howie Beck

While Angel is watching Tina.

Ladyshave by Gus Gus

At Margo's Party. 

Teenage Sensation by Gus Gus

At Margo's party. 

Right of Left Field by Wellwater Conspiracy

In the pool hall.

I'm Game by Christophe Beck

[102] Lonely Hearts

Girlflesh by THC

The gang arrives at the club.

Neo-Climatic by Sapien

After the bar fight.

Deadside by Ian Fletcher

During Doyle's vision.

Do You Want Me by Kathy Soce

Angel meets Kate.

Lazy Daze by Mark Cherrie & Ian MacKenzie

Angel bumps into Kate.

Emily Says by Chainsuck

Kevin and the bartender are talking. 

Quango by Helix

The bartender hits on the girls at the bar.

Touched by Vast

Angel hunts for the killer. 

Ballad of Amave by Chucho

The gang discusses how to socialize.

For You by Adam Hamilton

Kate is waiting for Angel at the bar.

Dissonance by Ultra-Electric

Kevin introduces himself to Sharon.

[103] In The Dark

Smoker's Revenge by Extreme Music Library

As Oz is driving into town.

Symphony No. 41 by (unknown)

While Angel is being tortured.

[104] I Fall To Pieces

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[105] Rm W/A Vu

Ode to Joy by Beethoven

Angel listens to music in his apartment.

Every Day by Tommy Henriksen

You Always Hurt The Ones You Love by The Mills Brothers

Cordelia's radio turns on by itself. 

[106] Sense & Sensitivity

Everybody Needs Somebody To Love by Solomon Burke. 

Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) by Solomon Burke. 

[107] Bachelor Party

Come On 2000 by Diana Terranova

Don't Do It by Paul Trudeau

Come Correct by C. Troy & Z. Harmon

Retro Pop by Killer Tracks Music Library

[108] I Will Remember You

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[109] Hero

Hero by Robert Kral ft Elin Carlson

[110] Parting Gifts

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[111] Somnabulist

Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm

[112] Expecting

Games You Play by Splashdown

Cordelia & Wilson talk at the bar.

Deeper Than A Milkshake by Shayna R NuDelman

Cordelia turns on her radio.

[113] She

In Time by Morphic Field

Sacred by Morphic Field

Light Years On by 60 Channels

Strangelove Addiction by Supreme Beings Of Leisure

Pure Roots by Non-Stop Music Library

Angel's dance.

[114] I've Got You Under My Skin

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[115] The Prodigal

The Birth Of Angelus by Robert Kral ft Elin Carlson

[116] The Ring

Consciousness (Aware Of You) by Morphic Field

[117] Eternity

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[118] Five By Five

Living Dead Girl (subliminal seduction mix) by Rob Zombie

As Faith is dancing & fighting. 

Pressure Cooker by APM Dance Indie Mix #3

[119] Sanctuary

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[120] War Zone

Hellfire by APM Music Library

The demon brothel.

Para Lennon & McCartney by A Friend From Rio

David Nabbit's party.

[121] Blind Date

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[122] To Shanshu In L.A.

Time Of Day by Grant Langston

Singer in the open-air market. 

Angel music list adapted from Buffy World, Tv.com, Wikipedia

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