Arrow Music Promos

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Wicked Town by One Live Dog

Arrow - Extended Preview, June '12.

I Will Rise Up by Lyle Lovett

Arrow - Extended Preview, Aug '12.

Fisherman by The Peach Kings

'Ladies Love Oliver Queen' preview, Sept '12.

Kill Of The Night by Gin Wigmore

110 'Burned' / January 16th return promo.

Save My Soul by Blues Saraceno

120 'Home Invasion' promo.

Skinny Little Girl by Hanni El Khatib

'You Better Pray', 'Sharper', 'Cornered' season 2 premiere promos, Sep/Oct '13.

Argonauts by The Little Ones

Bose Blood Rush, Episode 4, Nov '13.

Rock And Roll (In A Black Hole) by Rob Zombie

210 'Blast Radius' promo.

Scrape by Blue Stahli

211 'Blind Spot' promo.

Corner by Blue Stahli

216 'Suicide Squad' trailer, song #1.

Takedown by Blue Stahli

216 'Suicide Squad' trailer, song #2.

Trainwreck 1979 by Death From Above 1979

Season 3 premiere, 'High Speed Chase' promo, Sep '14.

Pretty Thing by Dylan Dray

'Draw Back Your Bow' promo, Nov '14.

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