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Beauty And The Beast Music Season 2

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[201] Who Am I?

Lights by Wanderhouse

Cat dreams of what happened three months ago when Vincent was taken.

Lights by Ellie Goulding

Cat's dream continues as she recalls trying to revive Gabe.

Just Another Bossa by The Thom Rotella Quartet

Cat meets up with Heather for their father's memorial tribute; Bob Reynolds introduces himself to Cat.

I Can't Make You Love Me by Dave Thomas Junior

Vincent tells Cat he can't answer any more of her questions, then this kiss.

[202] Kidnapped

Come To Life by Oxford

Cat & Tess grab coffee and talk about what could happen to Vincent, then are joined by Gabe.

All The Days by Haerts

Cat prepares for the picnic dinner and searches for Vincent while JT reviews surveillance footage.

Rust Or Gold by Jill Andrews

Cat & Vincent kiss.

This Is The Song by Nause

Vincent goes to the club and meets with Gina.

Take Me Home by Cash Cash ft Bebe Rexha

Gabe & Cat show up at the club; Vincent hears Cat's heartbeat then goes to confront her.

Move by Pacific Air

Tess & JT have drinks while talking about Cat.

Hold On by Annaliese

Cat meets with Vincent on her roof, where he apologizes for tying her up; Cat tells Gabe he's right about Vincent.

[203] Liar, Liar

Hearts Like Ours by The Naked and Famous

Cat covers up the bruises on her neck, makes plans to meet someone, then Heather arrives with coffee.

Be My Lover by INNA

Vincent interrupts JT's exercise session to ask after Cat.

No One Can Fix Me by By Divine Right

Cat talks to Gabe about Vincent turning on her and how there could be other people like him out there.

Darlin' by Sarai Givaty

Cat meets Heather for coffee to discuss Heather's job opportunity.

The Sun (The Drunken Apaches Remix) by The Naked and Famous

Cat tells JT that Vincent lied to her about remember the pool; Cat researches art galleries, then informs Tess & Gabe of what she discovered as they head to the gallery.

Risk It All by Sara Jackson-Holman

Cat confronts Vincent at the gallery and asks him to dance.

Back It Up by Caro Emerald

Vincent & Cat dance as she questions him; Gabe sends Tess to investigate the painting.

Find A Way by Elastic Bond

Tess fills Gabe & Cat in on the painting; Vincent informs Nigel Clifton that there's been a thread on his life.

Heavy Heart by Madi Diaz

Cat & Heather apologize to each other for keeping secrets.

Lift Me Up by Mree

Vincent stops by Cat's apartment to tell her he's remembering things.

[204] Hothead

Glitter and Gold by Little Daylight

Cat finishes getting dressed to go out, while talking to Tess about all the problems in her life.

Hold Fast by The Crookes

Tess & Cat play pool in a bar; a guy named Colin hits on Cat, then she ends up knocking out a few bar patrons.

Stealing Cars by James Bay

Aaron asks Cat if there's a chance he could talk to 'Victor'; Vincent & Cat talk about his memories returning while walking to the 9/11 memorial.

[205] Reunion

Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson

Over the phone, Cat & Gabe discuss the search for her birth father and her upcoming high school reunion.

Jetset Girl (Extended Mix) by Tosch

Cat hosts a pre-reunion girls' night.

Would You Change Your Life by The Blue Van

Vincent tracks the beast that attacked Cat.

High On A Wire by The Black Box Revelation

Vincent, JT & Zach play pool at a bar and discuss Vincent's missing memories and his ex, Gabriella.

I’m Way Ahead Of You by The Vandelles

JT suggests the guys head home; Zach tries to get Vincent to remember Gabriella, then reveals what happened between the three of them.

Hey Ya by Outkast

Cat and her friend dance at the reunion; Ira says hello to Cat.

Careful by Guster

Cat, Gabe & Tess discuss what to do about Zach; Zach comes across Ira in the hallway; Vincent arrives at the reunion to protect Cat.

Stars by Richey Lam

Cat tells Vincent that how she feels isn't his fault; Zach tries to attack Cat while wearing the school mascot outfit.

[206] Father Knows Best

I Love You by Said The Whale

Vincent interrupts Cat's kickboxing session to ask her about finding her biological father, then gives her some tips on her workout.

Sink / Let It Sway by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Cat has lunch with Agent Reynolds.

You Can Always Lean On Me by Liz Longley

Cat asks Vincent what happened with Windsor and what it means for his progress.

[207] Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Tennis Court by The Kite String Tangle

Cat puts a stop to her & Vincent's make-out session to talk about Vincent's removal of Windsor's heart.

[208] Man Or Beast?

The Sun (The Drunken Apache Remix) by Alex Greig

JT & Tess look for Zach's body at the morgue.

Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars

Reynolds tells Cat he plans to confess to everything to protect her; Gabe comforts Cat; Vincent bandages his would as Tori shows up.

[209] Don't Die On Me

What A Day by Greg Laswell

Vincent collapses, then asks Cat to call 911.

We Are Strangers Now by Megan Bonnell

Tori tells Vincent he doesn't have to keep hiding the fact he's alive; Gabe stops by Cat's apartment to return Cat's badge.

[210] Ancestors

Kids by Mikky Ekko

Cat & Tess meet at a diner and end up discussing Vincent.

Sin City Woman by Sherry St Germain

Cat (as Mara) introduces herself to Pete, Patrick & Shorty, then ends up taking down Pete when he threatens her; Mara kisses Patrick when Vincent & Tori walk into the bar.

The Throw by Jagwar Ma

The crew, discussed as caterers, enter a Russian estate.

What If (Acoustic version) by Five For Fighting

Tess tries to reassure Gabe that Cat is fine; Cat thanks Gabe for trusting her with a kiss.

[211] Held Hostage

Stay Away by Charli XCX

City overview; Cat sees a newspaper with photos of Vincent & Tori at a party; Cat shows Gabe about the photos.

Metal & Dust by London Grammar

Vincent & Cat are congratulated on their actions; Cat tells Gabe that she figured out why she had unresolved feelings for Vincent; Tess chats with Dana about what went down, friends & birthdays.

[212] Recipe For Disaster

Kidnap Me by Cruiser

Cat hosts a celebrity cooking class, as Tess complains that Cat is attracting all the male attention, then informs her that Gabe is leaving the department.

Who Knows by Beginners

A party is thrown in honor of JT winning the Brady Wright Research Grant; Cat confronts Gabe over his leaving the department; Tori & Vincent arrive at the party.

Bloodsport by Raleigh Ritchie

Vincent refuses JT's offer to accompany him to the new lab; Tess, Cat, Gabe & Vincent discuss where the dungeon could be located; Cat asks Vincent if everything is okay.

I Have Made Mistakes by The Oh Hellos

JT confesses that he was the one who suggested Vincent for the beast experiment.

[213] Till Death

Rattlesnake by St Vincent

Cat heads into the dungeon and finds Gabe already there.

Love Like This (Acoustic) by Kodaline

Vincent makes a suggestion to Gabe about Cat, then Gabe apologizes; Vincent tells JT he loves Cat enough to let her be with someone worthy of her; Tess gives JT a Valentine's Day present; Gabe tells Cat he won't hurt her, then they kiss.

[214] Redemption

The New Black by Moon Taxi

Vincent dreams his workout is interrupted by Cat's arrival who then asks him if he wants to be in a relationship with her.

Easy by Hands & Teeth

Cat & Tess chat at a cafe about Cat accidentally calling Gabe 'Vincent' on their trip to Cancun.

Entrance Song by The Black Angels

Cat has a nightmare about Vincent.

[215] Catch Me If You Can

Easy Now by Sir Sly

Vincent watches surveillance video in his search for Sam as JT comments on the illegal actions he's performing; Vincent explains how he's trying to prove himself to Cat.

All In My Head by States

While buying coffee, Cat tells Tess about the nightmare she had about killing Vincent.

Billy Black by The Delta Riggs

Vincent plays pool while filling JT in on what happened with Sam.

Winter by Mree

Vincent works to revive Xavier; Gabe & Tess look on as Vincent & Cat embrace.

Find My Way Back by Cody Fry

Cat tells Vincent that things have to change because she's with Gabe now, then they end up kissing.

[216] About Last Night

Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Montage of Cat & Vincent moments.

Mazurka Romantique by Santiago Mantas

Cat & Gabe go undercover to a party as Mr & Mrs Beaumont.

Disappear by Kitten Control

Cat is escorted out of the party; Gabe informs Vincent that JT thinks Sam is going after all the members.

Color My World by Lele Marchitelli

Cat & Vincent return the party and meet up with Gabe; Cat & Vincent head upstairs despite Gabe's cautions.

You Know You Like It by Aluna George

Gabe, Cat & Vincent argue about there next move in trying to get Sam.

Guiding Light by Foy Vance ft Ed Sheeran

Cat tells Gabe she's sorry things didn't work out between them; Cat finds Vincent waiting for her on the roof of her apartment, they kiss, then wake up in bed together.

[217] Beast Is The New Black

Lie Better by Busy Living

Cat & Gabe meet with Gloria about Vincent's case.

All I Want by Dawn Golden

City view; Cat drives home and finds Vincent waiting for her on the roof.

Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia

Vincent & Cat dance in her bathtub.

Palms by Local Natives

Cat & JT hug; JT informs Tess that Vincent is gone, then apologizes to her for making her think he wanted a one night stand; Gabe watches news coverage of Vincent's escape; Vincent leaves town.

[218] Cat and Mouse

Cabin On The Hill by Jody Brian Quartet

Vincent gets a meal at a diner and sees a news story on his escape as JT & Tess arrive.

Cocktail Club by Kosinus Music

Cat & Vincent observe the United Nations party.

Out Of The Scenery by Dominique Fricot

Cat & Vincent agree not to run anymore.

[219] Cold Case

Explosion by Eli Paperboy Reed

While on the phone with Tess, Cat complains about the officers tailing her.

Come With Me by Echosmith

Tess meets Heather at a cafe and ends up telling her that Cat is in love with Vincent Keller.

Beast by Lara Runars

Heather follows Cat to the cafe and apologizes for not telling her about Vincent.

Break by Rebecca Roubion ft Jake Etheridge

Cat & Heather have wine and talk about Vincent.

Blue Blood by Laurel

Cat tells Vincent that Gabe was IDed for Ray Scheckman's murder.

[220] Ever After

Up We Go by Lights

Cat & Vincent arrive at the house their were assigned by witness protection.

One Thing by Gabe Dixon

Tess fills JT in on Cat & Vincent's experience in the suburbs; Vincent tells Cat her 'normal' is to not walk away from a fight.

[221] Operation Fake Date

Shadow Of A Man by Neulore

Cat & Vincent stroll around the city in disguises, while discussing the situation with Gabe.

Volcano Girl by Veruca Salt

Tess & JT shop for stuff for Heather's bachelorette party, then run into Cat's reporter friend, Beth.

The Artist by Shelby Earl

Cat & Gabe talk while at a cake decorating course.

Cherry Red by Ida Maria

Cat & Tess try to convince Beth to rethink her story, while Heather's bachelorette party is going on.

Never Change by Night Panther

Tess tries to talk Heather out of the bathroom with news of the male stripper's arrival, as Beth tries to get into their conversation.

Come On Over by Royal Blood

Vincent is tested on a treadmill, while he insists they wait until Knox arrives.

[222] Deja Vu

Latch by Natalie Taylor

Cat & Vincent enjoy not having to be on the run and discuss Agent's Thomas' offer.

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