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Bitten Music Season 1


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[101] Summons

Bambi by Suuns

In a bar, a guy questions a woman about the Danvers family, then rejects her advances.

Trouble's What Your In by Fink

Elena gets dressed in an alley, heads back to her apartment and entices Philip back to bed.

Desire by Blue Violets

Nick gets a text message while in bed with a Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Intro: 1952 by Jesse Peters

At an award dinner, Elena scarfs down food as Philip gets her a drink then Diane, Becky & Philip's mother joins them; Philip makes a toast to the ladies in his life.

Paper Thin by Data Romance

Elena tries to convince Philip to stay home with her while Diane makes her try on dresses.

Sacred Sights by Onelight

Diane & Elena go out for drinks; Elena confronts a guy that was hitting on her.

Pillars And Pyre by Christopher Smith

Elena heads back to Stonehaven.

[102] Prodigal

Butterfly by Signaljacker (aka Chris James)

Flashback to Clay first taking Elena to visit Stonehaven.

Runnin' by No Sinner

At a bar, a guy talks to a woman about the wolf kills, until her brother interrupts them.

No Angel by Coal

Antonio listens in on the local gossip; Antonio & Nick run into the local sheriff.

Famous For Fire by Adaline

Elena wanders around her old room as Clay sits on the roof outside her window.

[103] Trespass

Hell Of A Life by Leeory Stagger

Clay turns on the Car stereo to block out Elena's conversation with Philip.

Blown Minded by Young Galaxy

Nick shows Peter & Logan the business he's renovating, then introduces them to Amanda as Karl Marsten arrives; continues as Karl works on charming Amanda, then asks Nick why his presence was requested.

Pushing Hard by Todor Kobakov

Elena wanders through the dancers at the rave, then find the mutt; continues as Elena tries to contain the mutt as he transforms.

Palm Villas by Gold & Youth

Nick asks Karl why he's in New York state and what he knows about the mutts.

Out Of Control by Todor Kobakov

Elena discovers that the mutt escaped through the ceiling; the mutt starts attacking the ravers.

Warm Shadow by Fink

Elena tries to talk Clay out of killing a guy attacked by the mutt; Peter, Nick & Logan compare their opinions of Karl; Elena tells Clay she let things get out of control, then informs Jeremy she's leaving in the morning.

River by The Belle Game

Elena arrives back at her apartment and is greeted by Philip, leading to sex on the dining room table.

Daydreaming by Nat Jay

Philip works on dinner as Logan & Rachel arrive.

Cut, Watch, Leave by Jason Bajada

While sitting down to dinner, Rachel & Philip ask Elena & Logan about their family.

Ancient Mars by The Zolas

Elena & Rachel drink wine on the balcony and talk about relationships & family; Philip asks Logan if everything's okay with Elena.

It's All by Jono McCleery

Logan gets a call from Clay, then he informs Elena they have to return to Stonehaven; Clay, Antonio, Nick & Jeremy find Peter's body in the woods.

[104] Grief

Magic Arrow by Timber Timbre

A mutt changes in a back alley, gets dressed and walks through Bear Valley.

Stormy by Leeroy Stagger

Clay & Elena have lunch at the local diner while eavesdropping on local gossip.

[105] Bitten

Promise You by Field Study

Phillip recommends to his boss that they re-brand the vodka as 'Hunt'.

Undertaker by Bry Webb

Elena asks Jeremy not to call her back home again; Jeremy, Clay & Nick watch Elena leave.

[106] Committed

Black Water by Timber Timbre

Elena & Philip lie in bed after having sex and chat about Becky's wedding; Philip comments on how Elena's been at his apartment so much she has moved in by default.

Drifters by Zaac Pick

Elena tells Philip she agrees to move in with him, then Philip suggests the pack up her stuff that afternoon.

What Is Love by New Found Land

Becky thanks Elena for allowing her family to get ready for the wedding at Philip's place; Diane tries to convince Elena to let her have a show for her photography.

You're Too Cool by The Zolas

At the wedding reception the ladies watch as Becky & her groom kiss; Olivia asks Elena what she said to Becky to get her to change her mind about the wedding; Elena sees Daniel Santos talking with Philip, then follows him out of the room.

Kiss The World by Catlow

Outside the reception, Daniel & Elena discuss the mutt uprising and he suggests she needs his protection.

Lights Changing Colour by Stars

Becky & her groom dance as Elena eavesdrops on Philip & Olivia's conversation about Elena moving in with him; Elena gets a call from Jeremy saying that he's concerned about her safety.

Astonished Heart by Andrew Rodriguez

Elena asks Philip for a dance; Rachel and Logan discuss what to do about her pregnancy; Philip asks Elena if she's wants to head home; Olivia tells Elena she was impressed by her actions today; Elena gets a call from Clay.

[107] Stalking

Bounce by Brasstronaut

Philip makes arrangements to have Sylvie help him track down who posted the wolf & coyote video.

Horses Fell by The Darcys

Sylvie shows up at Philip's apartment with coffee

Mon Ton Ton 2 by Humans

Sylvie looks for information on the video while asking Philip about his girlfriend, then she insists on going with Philip to talk with Nate Parker, the guy who posted the video.

Haunt You by Pack A.D.

Zachary Cain has sex with his female accomplice and talks about the trap they set for the Pack.

Gang Of Pricks by Christopher Smith

Antonio says a few final words to the Pack members and Nick.

One Way by Rose Cousins

Elena calls Philip and apologizes for leaving him at the wedding reception; Jeremy collapses.

[108] Prisoner

For Me by Elisapie ft Brad Barr

Elena & Clay clean up the blood in the Stonehaven kitchen.

I Can't Complain by Washboard Union

Elena & Amber chat about Cain & werewolves.

Garden River Waltz by Bottleneck

Elena tries to make a deal with Amber to find LeBlanc.

Wake Up by The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer

Karl Marsten & Thomas LeBlanc join Elena in the diner to discuss Daniel's offer.

Breathe by Legs

Nick & Amanda have sex on the floor of his club.

Gone by Todor Kobakov

End credits.

[109] Vengeance

Sort Of Revolution (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix) by Fink

Clay & Elena have sex by the fire.

The River by The Darcys

Elena wakes up next to Clay, then quietly gets up and leaves; LeBlanc watches from his cage as Amber struggles with her change; Elena listens to her voice mail messages; Jeremy informs Elena she has to take Clay with her if she decides to return to Toronto.

[110] Descent

D. Song by Yppah ft Anomie Belle

Elena & Philip walk an art buyer through the exhibit; Diane quizzes Clay on his life as Elena eavesdrops from across the room.

Revolution by FNDMNTL

Clay asks Diane about James Williams, then he tries to warn Elena; as the others go for drinks, Elena runs into Victor Olson.

Leavin' Alone by Adrian Glynn

Clay finds Daniel sitting in a car outside the art gallery.

[111] Settling

King by Urceus Exit

Clayton fights Santos & Koenig in Philip's apartment; Logan knocks out Marsten, while LeBlanc finds Rachel hiding in the shower; Logan throws LeBlanc out of the house.

[112] Caged

Too Old To Die Young by Timber Timbre

Marsten & LeBlanc drive up to Santos's hideout.

[113] Ready

2020 by Suuns

The Pack prepare for the confrontation with the Mutts.

Song For The Outsider by Stateless

Marsten warns LeBlanc to focus on Jeremy and leave Elena alone; Elena & Clay fight Mutts; Nick finds Rachel and asks her to stay hiding.

Rage, Silence, Love by Hymns From Nineveh

Aftermath of the confrontation; Logan & Nick search for Rachel in the woods.

What We Want by Young Galaxy

Malcolm introduces himself to Rachel as they drive away from Stonehaven.

Bitten music list compiled with much appreciated assistance from Natasha Duprey

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