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Bones Music Season 7


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[701] The Memories In The Shallow Grave

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[702] The Hot Dog In The Competition

Hellfire by Airbourne

Booth watches video of Tina at food eating competitions.

Ready To Roll by Philadelphia Grand Jury

Brennan & Booth arrive at a hotdog eating competition.

Anchor by Mindy Gledhill

Brennan re-examines Tina's skeleton; Finn returns to the lab.

[703] The Prince In The Plastic

No Control by Slighter

Sweets does a test to qualify for carrying a gun.

[704] The Male In The Mail

What Happens Now? by Lex Land

Brennan & Booth have dinner at home and talk about his father.

[705] The Twist In The Twister

Don't Forget To Call Your Mother by The Walking Pheumonias

Fisher's ringtone for his mother.

Spinning Into Place by Younger Brother

The team searches through the twister debris.

Hi Fi Mama by ZZ Top

Angela & Hodgins return home to find the stereo blasting while her father reads & Michael sleeps.

[706] The Crack In The Code

Be Invited by The Twilight Singers

The team closes up Inger's case; Pelant works on a new project.

[707] The Prisoner In The Pipe

Rolling Down by Freedom Fry

Booth & Brennan look at their baby.

How Bad We Need Each Other by Marc Scibilia

The group makes a toast to baby Christine Angela.

[708] The Bump In The Road

Amora Mia by Willy Hoffman / Extreme Music

Brennan & Booth talk to the manager at Fields Market.

Clockin' Dosey Dough by FirstCom Music

Michelle & Finn talk after attending a blue grass concert.

The All Gone by Erik Hubo / D2Music

Booth & Brennan return to Fields Market to confront manager Chad.

[709] The Don't In The Do


Booth & Sweets question a former drug dealer, Sangani.

[710] The Warrior In The Wuss


Hodgins throws a Founder's Party for the Jeffersonian employees.

[711] The Family In The Feud

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[712] The Suit On The Set

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[713] The Past In The Present

Moral Panic by Y La Bamba

Pelant works on a new project; Brennan examines the skeleton.

Marie's Delight by Red Garland

Booth breaks into Pelant's apartment looking for Brennan. 

From The Ground Up by Sleeping At Last

Booth & Brennan have Christine baptized as Pelant looks around their house; Angela investigates the library books.

Bones music list adapted from FOX

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