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Gilmore Girls Music Season 1


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[101] Pilot

There She Goes by The La's

First sight of Stars Hollow; Lorelai crosses the street and enters Luke's.

Where The Colors Don't Go by Sam Phillips

Lorelai looks at the pictures on her mantle; Lorelai arrives at her parents.

Wendy by Wesley Yang & Gavin McNett

Rory clean out her locker at Stars Hollow High.

Heartland by George Strait

Lane's hayride date; Rory and Lorelai walk home.

Ballet Waltz #3 by Herman Beeftink

Miss Patty's dance class.

I Try by Macy Gray

After Lorelai and Rory fight about Dean; they both turn on a stereo.

My Little Corner Of The World by Kit Pongetti

Rory & Lorelai have coffee at Luke's.

[102] The Lorelais' First Day At Chilton

I'm The Man Who Murdered Love by XTC

Lane runs into the Gilmores with her new CD.

I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye To You by Sam Phillips

Lorelai & Rory drive to Chilton.

Stars And Stripes Forever by John Phillips Sousa

Miss Patty's dance class twirls batons.

[103] Kill Me Now

La Casa by Graham Preskett & Mauricio Venegas

Miss Patty dances with the grooms-to-be.

Teach Me Tonight by Sammy Cahn & Gene De Paul

Lorelai & Babette hear Morey playing the piano; Rory & Lorelai fight.

Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain

The Double Twins' wedding.

A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Louis Armstrong

Played by the wedding band.

We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Played by the wedding band; the mother of the brides runs off after talking to Lorelai.

[104] The Deer Hunters

My Darling by Wilco

Rory & Lorelai fall asleep after spending all night studying.

Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Played by Drella on her harp.

Wendy by Wesley Wang & Gavin McNett

Lane listens to this in her closet as Rory calls just before she gets hit by a deer.

[105] Cinnamon's Wake

Truly Truly by Grant Lee Buffalo

Dean apologizes to Rory for bugging her.

Time Bomb by Rancid

Lane dances in Rory's room.

I Thought About You by Johnny Mercer & James Van Heusen

Cinnamon's song played by Morey on the piano.

[106] Rory's Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday by Altered Images

Rory finds out about Emily's sent invitations.

Why Does It Always Rain On Me by Travis

Rory greets Emily & Richard as they arrive for her second party.

The Lathe Of Heaven by Scott Abels, Aaron Owens, Matthew W Parker, David Fuentes & Brian Dixon

Sookie tells Lorelai they have no ice; Luke arrives with ice.

This Old House by Brian Setzer Orchestra

Rory opens presents at her second party.

What A Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong

People trade Rory stories; Lorelai & Emily talk upstairs.

[107] Kiss And Tell

Ballo, E Canto De' Villanelli by Antonio Vivaldi (from Le Quattro Stagioni)

Miss Patty's dance class.

[108] Love And War And Snow

Someone To Watch Over Me by Ricki Lee Jones

Luke sees Max & Lorelai in the snow.

Pictures Of You by The Cure

Lane in Rory's room after running her hand through her crush's hair.

[109] Rory's Dance

We're All Light by XTC

Rory & Dean observe the dance.

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

Paris meets Dean; Rory & Dean dance.

Mixed Bizness by Beck

Paris' cousing, Jacob, hits on Rory.

Sometimes Always by Jesus and Mary Chain

Paris rants to Rory about Jacob; Tristan & Dean fight.

Thirteen by Big Star

Dean walks with Rory & they have coffee.

[110] Forgiveness And Stuff

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Tony Bennett

Rory arrives at Emily's Christmas party.

Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses

Lorelai tries to order food.

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Lorelai & Rory get food & make up at the hospital.

Thanks For Christmas by XTC

Lorelai gives Luke his hat & they watch the Stars Hollow procession.

[111] Paris Is Burning

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[112] Double Date

Earn Enough For Us by XTC

Poptart making.

God Only Knows by Claudine Longet

Rory & Lane listened to this as Lorelai tries to study.

Holding On To The Earth by Sam Phillips

Rory & Lane get ready for their double date.

[113] Concert Interruptus

Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles

The group arrives at the Pastorella Theater.

Hero Takes A Fall by The Bangles

The concert starts; Rory catches Paris dancing.

Eternal Flame by The Bangles

Second concert song; Lorelai questions Sookie about Rachel.

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me by Jayhawks

Lorelai busts Madeline & Louise at the party.

[114] That Damn Donna Reed

Sunday Best by Grant Lee Phillips

Dean meets Rory as she steps off the bus with Stella.

Flower Girl From Bordeaux by Esquivel

Dean arrives at Babette's.

Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares

Rory & Dean eat at Babette's.

Beautiful Dreamers by Grant Lee Phillips

The Troubadour passes Lorelai & Luke moving paint cans.

[115] Christopher Returns

Need to Be Next To You by Leigh Nash

[116] Star-Crossed Lovers And Other Strangers

Heavenly by Grant Lee Phillips

Dean & Rory make plans for their 3-month anniversary.

Oh My Love by John Lennon

Dean shows Rory the car he built for her.

Mockingbirds by Grant Lee Buffalo

Stars Hollow Firelight Festival.

[117] The Breakup, Part 2

What Do I Do by Sam Phillips

Lorelai goes to Max's house.

Where It's At by Beck

Rory & Lane arrive at Madeline's.

Ms. Jackson by Outkast

Tristan & Summer fight; Henry & Lane dance.

Everyday I Write The Book by Elvis Costello

Rory puts down her coat and watches Tristan & Summer.

From Red To Blue by Billy Bragg

Lane & Henry slow dance; Rory reads and witnesses another Tristan & Summer fight.

The Crystal Lake by Grandaddy

Rory & Tristan talk and kiss.

[118] The Third Lorelai

It's The Life by Grant Lee Buffalo

The Troubadour passes Lorelai & Sookie in the flower shop.

[119] Emily In Wonderland

Child Psychology by Black Box Recorder

Rory & Lane listen to this in Rory's room.

[120] P.S. I Lo...

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[121] Love, Daisies, And Troubadours

Honey Don't Think by Grant Lee Buffalo

Rory unsuccessfully tries to see Dean at Doose's Market.

Swan Lake, Ste Op. 20a: Lake In The Moonlight by Tchaikovsky

Miss Patty's ballet class.

Sadness Soot by Grant Lee Phillips

Lorelai passes the Troubadour after explaining to Rachel about Luke.

One Line by P.J. Harvey

Rory tells Dean she loves him.

Everbody Needs A Little Sanctuary by Grant Lee Buffalo

Lorelai heads over to Luke's.

How To Dream by Sam Phillips

Lorelai & Rory run towards each other on the street.

My Little Corner Of The World by Kit Pongetti

Gilmore Girls music list adapted from Audiophile: Music Pretty

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