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Gossip Girl Music Promos

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Season 01

We Are One Tonight by Switchfoot

Official Gossip Girl teaser, song #1.

Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

Official Gossip Girl teaser, song #2; 'Gossip Girl Sneak Peak' cast promo.

Glamorous by Fergie

'Coming This Fall' promo, 'Hottest New Series' extended promo (version 1 & 2), song #1 & 7; 'Must Be Nice' promo; 102 'The Wild Brunch' promo; extended promo, song #1.

What Goes Around...Comes Around by Justin Timberlake

'Hottest New Series' extended promo (version 1), song #2.

Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

'Hottest New Series' extended promo (version 1), song #3

Afraid by Nelly Furtado

'Hottest New Series' extended promo (version 1), song #4.

The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani

'Hottest New Series' extended promo (version 1), song #5.

Find a New Way by Young Love

'Hottest New Series' extended promo (version 1), song #6.

Shine by The Wilshires

'Hottest New Series' extended promo (version 2), song #5; 'Kiss On The Lips' preview clip.

It's All on You by Samantha Newark

August '07 ads.

You Do by Until June

August '07 ads.

Something To Believe In by Aqualung

'Something To Believe In' promo; revised character promos.

Reverse of the Shade by The Windupdeads

Blair, Nate, and Chuck character promos.

All Of This by KPM Music

Serena, Dan and Jenny character promos; 'Gossip Girl Revealed' promo.

Time Won't Let Me Go by The Bravery

'Gossip Girl Buzz' promo.

Three Wishes by The Pierces

Ep 110 'Hi Society' promo.

Every Time I Think Of You by Source In Sync Music

Ep 111 'Roman Holiday' promo.

Lonely Earth by Sonic Librarian

Ep 113 'A Thin Line Between Chuck And Nate' promo.

All We Are by OneRepublic

January 28th return.

Hands On Me by Vanessa Carlton

New episodes return April 21st promo.

Seventeen by Ladytron

ITV2's ep 114 "The Blair Bitch Project" promo (UK).

Strange Times by The Black Keys

OMFG promo #1.

Sour Cherry by The Kills

OMFG promo #2.

Bright Stars by Videohelper Music

Ep 117 'Woman On The Verge' promo.

Air On The G String (Bach) by Extreme Music

Ep 118 'Much 'I Do' About Nothing' promo.

Here It Goes Again by OK Go

Fox 8 general promo (Australia).

Season 02

Strict Machine by Goldfrapp

Upfront 2008 promo, song #1.

Watching You by Rogue Traders

  Upfront 2008 promo, song #2.

Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

Upfront 2008 promo, song #3.

Goodnight, Goodnight by Maroon 5

CW 2008 Fall promo 'Old Friends'.

Cruel Summer by Bananarama

Four different 'Cruel Summer' promos, mid-July 08.

Under The Sea by Atmosphere Music Ltd

'Behaving Badly' promo, July 08.

On My Way by Billy Boy On Poison

'55 MPH Club', 'Mother Chucker' & 'Honking' promos, late July 08.

Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand

'Boy Talk' & 'Girl Talk' promos, late July 08.

Outta My Head by Ashlee Simpson

ITV2 promo, July 08 (UK).

Sleep Parade by Wine Is Thicker Than Blood

Seattle's CW11 September 1st premiere promo.

Bright Stars by Videohelper Music

Ep 204 'The Ex-Files' promo.

Yesterday Is Gone by Vanessa Vasquez

CW Fresno KFRE 59 promo, Oct 08.

Symphony Of Bullets by Mathclub

Ep 207 'Chuck In Real Life' promos.

Womanizer by Britney Spears

Chuck Bass / Womanizer promo.

Do The Panic by Phantom Planet

Ep 209 'There Might Be Blood' ATV / Access promo (Canada).

Great DJ by The Ting Tings

General Gossip Girl promo.

Calypso by Blonde Acid Cult

J Humphrey Designs video.

Serenade In G, K. 525: "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik": I. Allegro by Mozart

Ep 210 'Bonfire Of The Vanity' mini-promo featuring Cyndi Lauper.

A Love Song by Pure Dream Ladder

Ep 212 'It's A Wonderful Lie' promo.

Keeps Gettin' Better by Christina Aguilera

Blair Waldorf / It's Good To Be Queen B promo.

Do I Have Your Attention? by The Blood Arm

Jan 5th return.

Showdown by Pendulum

Series 2 ITV2 Gossip Girl promo, Jan 09 (UK).

Wannamama by Pop Levi

Fox 8 Season 2 promo (Australia).

Bad Girl by Danity Kane

Serena van der Woodsen / Bad Girl promo.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Lady Gaga

ITV2 promo, Feb 09 (UK).

Oh My God by Ida Maria

'OMG Returns', 'Take Me', 'Security' & 'Slap' promos.

Lattice Of Thorns by Videohelper Music

Ep 219 'The Grandfather' promo.

Jake Summers by Fight Like Apes

Ep 220 'Remains Of The J' promo.

Don't Give Up by Noisettes

ITV2 promo for episodes 12, 13 & 14, April 09 (UK).

Gonna Rock Tonight by Wally Gagel & Xandy Barry

Warner Channel promo (South & Central America).

Stand & Deliver by No Doubt

Ep 224 'Valley Girls' promo.

Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Ep 225 'The Goodbye Gossip Girl' promo.

Season 3

Morning After Dark by Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado & SoShy

Ep 309 'They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?' promo.

Bitch by Plastiscines

Ep 309 'They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?' / Plastiscines promo.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Ep 310 'The Last Days Of Disco' Lady Gaga promo.

Get Your Gossip Going by The CW / unknown

'Gossip Girl Lounge' promo, Nov 09.

Let's Have A Rendez-Vous by Dee

'Rendezvous' / ep 311 promo, Nov 09.

Cha Cha (Be My New Boyfriend) (Rock Remix) by Spider Problem

'Good Things' promo, Dec 09.

Bring The Pain by Brand X Music

'Gossip Girl Returns' promo, Feb '10.

Little Sister by Codeine Velvet Club

Season 3 ITV2 promo, Mar '10.

Another Brick In My Head by Real Life

Ep 319 'Dr. Estrangeloved' promo.

New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down by LCD Soundsystem

Ep 322 'Last Tango, Then Paris' promo, ITV2 (UK), May '10.

Season 4

Ces Bottes Sont Faits Pour Marcher by Eileen

'OMD' promo, Aug '10.

Would You Like It by Adrianne Leon

Ep 409 'The Witches Of Bushwick' promo

Waking Up On A Train by Oh Darling

Ep 413 'Damien Darko' promo.

Mini Skirt Receptionist by Rob Burns / Manhattan Music Library

Ep 416 'While You Weren't Sleeping' promo. 

Make My Body by The Chain Gang of 1974

'Go Bi-Coastal' Gossip Girl / 90210 promo, March '11.

Fearless by John Sponsler & Tom Gire / Brand X Music

'Midnight Preview', April '11.

Changing by The Airborne Toxic Event

Ep 422 'The Wrong Goodbye' promo.

Season 5

Kinda Outta Luck by Lana Del Rey

'Hollywood' promo, Sept '11.

All Smiles by Jess Penner

Ep 504 'Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan' promo.

I'm Still Hot by Luciana

Season 5 premiere on Fox 8 (Australia), Nov '11.

Southern Sky by John Reynolds

Ep 511 'The End Of The Affair' promo.

I Fell In Love by Whitton

Ep 515 'Crazy, Cupid, Love' promo.

Let's Have A Rendez-Vous by Dee

Ep 518 'Con-Heir' / April 2nd Return promo. promo, Feb '12.

Break You Open by Aruna

Ep 524 'Return Of The King' promo.

Season 06

Li$ten 2 The Grrls by Ssion

OMSG promo, Sept '12.

Do It Like That by Ricki-Lee

Final Series promo, ITV2 (UK).

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