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Lost Girl Music Season 3


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[301] Caged Fae

We Don't Own The Road by The Kills

Bo walks down a dark alley and ends up in a confrontation with two guys.

Poptimist by Metro Electro

A trio of guys tries to get into a club.

Dyin' Today by Sunparlour Players

Dyson follows Bo in The Dal and confronts her about all the laws she's been breaking.

Jack Walsh / Winnie Hayes by Pint Of Blarney

Trick tries to stop Kenzi from talking with the new Ash.

The Crossing by APM Music

Dyson gives Kenzi the medical supplies that Lauren requested, then they talk about what happened to The Norn.

Jailbait by Stink Mitt

Kenzi goes to Hecuba prison to visit Bo.

Traveller's Rest by KPM Music / APM Music

Bo updates Kenzi & Trick on Sylvie's baby; Hale tells the group he shut down the prison.

[302] SubterrFaenean

Crazy World by In My Coma

Vex, Kenzie & Aussie head into Nuit Sombre.

Voices by In My Coma

Kenzi reassures Aussie that she & Vex will figure out why people have been going missing.

Around The Sun by 8MM

Bo & Lauren have sex.

Movie Star by Carlin Music / APM Music

Kenzi tells Bo about the attack at the club.

Youth Knows No Pain by Lykke Li

Tamsin heads into the gym and introduces herself to Dyson as his new partner.

[303] ConFaegion

Haunt You by The Pack A.D.

Bo & Kenzi knock out one of The Morrigan's men.

Hell by FemBots

Vex complains to Trick about Lauren's diagnosis; Dyson & Tamsin tell Vex to get lost; Trick warns Bo not to underestimate The Morrigan.

Jackson's Morning Brush by Carlin Music / APM Music

Bo talks to Dyson about Tamsin, then infects him; Bo gleefully tells Lauren that she thinks Dyson likes her.

Lost At Sea by FemBots

Dyson asks Tamsin if she thinks Bo likes him; Dyson infects Tamsin.

Nuclear (Instrumental Version) by Sunparlour Players

Bo asks Trick for her car keys; Lauren discusses Bo's symptoms with Trick.

Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls

Bo dances on the bar at The Dal.

Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran

The fight with Vex & the three pigs is interrupted by Bo, Tamsin & Dyson's partying.

Having You Around by July Talk

Dyson, Bo & Tamsin talk about their lack of memory while being infected.

Hungry Like The Wolf

Bo & Dyson start humming a song.

[304] Fae-de To Black

Keep Me High by Adaline

Bo & Lauren sex montage; Lauren tells Bo she's been neglecting her job.

Hand Print In Wet Cement by FemBots

Dyson explains the undercover assignment to Bo.

Deep Blue Calm by Sean Nimmons-Paterson

Bo starts her undercover assignment and meets the reception, Tabitha.

Emerald Beauty by Sean Nimmons-Paterson

Bo meets 'Captain Humongous'.

Karma Breeze by Christoper George Bilton

Bo continues talking with Dr. Palmer, then they notice Rolly missing.

Meditation Clouds by Christoper George Bilton

Dyson has a session with Dr. Palmer.

Ladies Of The Storm by Samantha Robichaud

Dyson tells Bo & Trick about his session with Dr. Palmer.

Here I Am by Ringer T

Dyson, Tamsin & Bo discuss what Fae they could be dealing with, then Trick suggests it's a Rakshasa.

Stepple Jack by KPM Music / APM Music

Dyson tells Bo that the case made him realize he's been neglecting his Wolf; Bo tells Dyson she can't feed off him again.

They Clip The Wings Of Birds by Lioness

Lauren figures out that Bo fed from Dyson, then tells Bo she needs to start feeding from other people.

[305] Faes Wide Shut

Keep It Low by Hundred In The Hands

Lauren & Bo check out the guys at The Dal, then Trick asks what they're up to.

Can't Save Her by Chantal Claret

Bo asks Lauren if she's sure she wants to go ahead with the deal they made, then they pick Bo's target.

Nymphs by Minuit

Bo has sex with her chosen target; Lauren & Kenzi try to ignore the antics upstairs as Lauren talks about her experiments.

Imperial by Trickbaby

Bo & Kenzi arrive at the club that Graeme & Delia went to.

Silent Song (EarthRise Soundsystem Remix) by Eccodek

Kenzi & Bo wander around the club; Bo gets an update from Lauren about Graeme.

Belly Dancer by Muzikotek / APM Music

Bo meets Roman the Bacchus.

Marry You by Liquid Cinema / APM Music

Lauren informs Kenzi that the woman Bo was with turned up dead.

Orgotica by Sonoton Music / APM Music

Dyson & Tamsin arrive at the club, then meet up with Kenzi, Bo & Lauren.

Friends And Family by Bruton Music / APM Music

Tamsin & Dyson talk with Roman.

[306] The Kenzi Scale

Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine by Kosinus Music / APM Music

Bo tries to convince everyone that someone is masquerading as Kenzi.

Don't Know Why by Dark Like Snow

Tamsin introduces Bo to Lola and her friends, then asks them about Inari.

[307] There's Bo Place Like Home

Like An Animal by Sunparlour Players

Trick consults with someone about Bo's devolution.

T-Bone's Jig by Samantha Robichaud

Dyson tells Trick he can't lose Bo, then Trick asks when Dyson got his love for Bo back.

Lucky Lola by Derek and The Darling

Bo & Kenzi drive to the town where Bo was raised.

On The Other Side (Underscore) by Hungrytown

Bo & Kenzi arrive at the Grimley Cherry Festival.

Kitty Lie Over / Swallowtail by Pint Of Blarney

Trick tells Kenzi that the creepy woman is likely Poludnica.

Dance D'alayna by Paul Lenert

Bo gets drunk on cherry cordial as Kenzi returns to the Cherry Festival.

Love and Other Disasters (Underscore) by Rebecca Hosking

Kenzi & Bo discuss how Lady Polly may have been called.

Real Men Live In Trees by Vandarth

Dyson enters The Dal and turns on some music, then yelled at by Trick.

[308] Fae-ge Against The Machine

Madhouse by The Black Box Revelation

Tamsin takes Bo to lunch at a Dark Fae bar & tells her she likely won't make it through The Dawning.

Dummy by The Angel/Devil

Tamsin advises Bo on what she needs to do; Pike introduces himself to Bo.

Tijuana Taxi by KPM Music / APM Music

Bo pays the Gatekeeper by reading the fortune cookie.

[309] Ceremony

Gorgeous A by Sonoton Music / APM Music

Bo & Kenzi stumble into a lingerie photo shoot; continues as Stella tells Bo that the 'quest' was a set up to get Bo to the warehouse, then tries to convince her to feed.

The Wanderer by Dion & The Belmonts

Bo & Dyson enter the temple; repeats during end credits.

The Price You Pay by Thomas D'Arcy

Kenzi reassure Bo that Lauren will take good care of Dyson, then tells Bo she's glad she's back.

[310] Delinquents

With The New Crowd by Freedom Fry

Bo looks at herself in the mirror as Kenzi informs her someone is breaking into their house.

Malevolent Me by Hail Archer

Matt & Della make-out, until he disappears.

Having You Around by July Talk

Dyson tells Bo & Kenzi about the problems at the urban camp.

Back To Blazin by D.O.

Some of the camp kids hang out listening to music until Kenzi arrives.

All Signs Point To Lauderdale by A Day To Remember

The camp kids talk about the animal attacks as Dyson interrupts them.

The Sweet Release by Ringer T

Trick tells Bo & Kenzi he thinks the Fae they're dealing with is a Caltrops.

Say Goodbye (I Won't Even) by Adaline

Lauren tells Bo she's not happy, feels like she's losing herself and wants a break from their relationship.

Change My Needs by Scars On 45

Lauren informs Dyson that she & Bo are 'on a break', then they list what they love about Bo; Bo packs up Lauren's belongings.

[311] Adventures In Fae-bysitting

Paranormal State by West One Music / APM Music

Bo & Kenzi make fun of the horror movie their watching.

The Wanderer by Ernest Maresca

Bo comes across an antique carousel in a park while out walking with Lisa; repeats when Bo sees the carousel after the circle is broken.

Whatever It Takes by Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party

Kenzi informs Lisa that she's a Fae.

Dinner For Two by Sonoton Music / APM Music

Bo gets a call from Kenzi saying the murders go back to Eleanor's husband; Bo talks to Sam about living in Shady Grove.

[312] Hail, Hale

V'la Le Bon Vent by Sonoton Music / APM Music

Trick & Kenzi discuss Hale officially becoming Ash.

Gravity by Akua

Bo's bath is interrupted by Tamsin's arrival.

Minstrel Boy by Sonoton Music / APM Music

Kenzi complains about having to fold towels for Hale's ceremony, then meets a guy named Massimo.

O'Briens Of Clare by Carlin Music / APM Music

Trick yells at his bartender for being late; Dyson compliments Bo on her beauty, then buys her a drink.

Flapper Dapper (c) by West One Music / APM Music

The Morrigan fusses with Hale's tux; Bo asks Hale if he knows anything about Lauren's whereabouts.

[313] Those Who Wander

Night In Ibiza by AXS Music / APM Music

Bo tries to enlist help from two Kitsune to help revive Tamsin.

Slippin' and Slidin' by Bruton Music / APM Music

Vex makes The Morrigan dance around while talking on the phone with Hale about their deal.

The Wanderer by Dion & The Belmonts

Tamsin & Dyson comment on song that starts playing in the truck; repeats as Bo's in The Dal trying to figure out where everyone is.

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