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Moonlight Music Season 1


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[101] No Such Thing As Vampires

My Immortal by Evanescence

Flashback of Mick rescuing a young Beth; Beth wakes up in Mick's apartment & realizes that he also saved her when she was young; they hug.

[102] Out of the Past

Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran

Flashback to the 80s of Mick partying with Josef & some girls, then getting a call from Father Devlin.

Forever and Ever Amen by 8mm

Julia states the Mick saved her; Beth admits to shooting Lee Jay Spalding; Mick stumbles back to his apartment & starts guzzling blood.

[103] Dr. Feelgood

Catch My Fall by The Elliots

Dr. Pollack trashes a convience store.

Easy, As You're Waiting by Los Halos

Mrs. Pollack arrives home.

All The World by Fauxliage

Mick tells Beth how he was turned into a vampire.

[104] Fever

Vanished by Front Line Assembly

Montage of Mick biting Beth's neck & Mick lying in an ice bath; repeats as Mick imagines biting Beth.

Hot Shotz by Chris Allen / Extreme Music

Leni complains to the cops about all the background noise at the safe house; the cops talk about barbequeing.

Just Like Everyone by Saturn Missiles

Mick gets Leni a drink at the restaurant & he asks her what happend with Fayid.

Into Dust by Mazzy Star

Josh apologizes to Beth for not being more understanding when she thought Mick was dead; Beth goes to Mick's apartment but he doesn't let her in.

[105] Arrested Development

Believe by The Bravery

A vamp searches the on-line escorts for a new victim, then he goes to Cherish's apartment.

All My Life by DJ Harry

Beth & Josh's dinner party.


Marissa asks Beth what's going on between her & Josh.

Paranoid Disease by Black Jack

The vamp meets up with Cherish at Greene's Bar.

The Bird And The Worm by The Used

Mick & the vamp fight on the rollercoaster.

Sleep by Meiko

Cherish is reunited with her parents; Maureen confronts Beth about not filming the reunion; Beth follows Mick to the parking lot & kisses him goodbye.

[106] B. C.

Bounce With Me by Kreesha Turner

Beth covers the fashion shoot & complains to her cameraman about the assignment.

Dubble-D by Chris Allen / Extreme Music

Beth tries a different take on the photoshoot; one of the models collapses.

Hot Shotz by Chris Allen / Extreme Music

Beth enters Club Valis.

Fallout by Chad Gendason ft Johanna Boberg

Beth & Mick meet at Club Valis.

Darker Side Of Life by Edgard Jaude / Imaginary Friends Music

The VIP room.

Let It Go by Fauxliage

Mick follows Beth in the shower.

The Devil's Got A Holda Me by The Colour

Mick goes to destroy the warehouse and Lola.

Under (Morgan Page Remix) by Under

Josef & Mick discuss Lola's death; Beth hides the vial of Black Crystal.

[107] The Ringer

The Collapse by Kill Hannah

Mick exercises, then goes to assist at the Franklin Hotel fire.

Club Date by Frank Barclay / FirstCom Music

Flashback of Mick first seeing Coraline.


Beth & Coraline discuss a story on the Franklin Hotel fire.

The Mating Game by Bitter:sweet

Morgan & Beth arrive at Mick's.

Peaceful Palms by Dough Perkins / 5 Alarm Music

Flashback of Coraline asking Mick to play something else.

Ain't That Just Like A Woman by Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five

Morgan & Mick talk about really knowing someone without knowing them long & dying by burning alive; flashback of Coraline inviting Mick for a swim.

Star Eyes by Mel Torme

Flashback of Mick finding Coraline with another man.

Kingdom by Dave Gahan

Morgan leaves BuzzWire then goes home to remove the makeup covering her tattoo, revealing her to be Coraline.

[108] 12:04 AM

Drowning by The Stereophonics


One Destiny by Kloox & Etyl / Kosinus Music

Beth & Audrey talk about Josh

To Hell With The Devil by Jim Bianco

Mick goes to the Drake residence.

Keep My Heart by Deep Sounds

Jerry Drake is visited by Donovan.

Dark As Love by Luscious Redhead / Messy Music

Beth snoops around Mick's place.

Together by The Kin

Beth confronts Mick about their shared past.

[109] Fleur De Lis

Dead End Street by Varano

Mick meets Beth outside Morgan's apartment

The Real Me by Luscious Redhead / Messy Music

Mick & Morgan meet for lunch.

Mr. Self Destruct by Nine Inch Nails

Flashback of Coraline being branded.

Look After You by The Fray

Morgan admits to being Coraline.

[110] Sleeping Beauty

Hot Wax by Mandrew

Josef's poker game.

Play My Rules by Klooz & Abel / Kosinus Music

Maureen asks Beth about Morgan.

13th Floor by Mere Mortals

Beth & Mick ask Sam to locate the assassin.

XYZ by Stereoliza

Mick finds Josef partying with girls in his apartment.

Aurora by Lapush

Flashback of Josef & Sara; Beth & Mick talk about Sara; Beth leaves; Coraline disappears from the hospital.

[111] Love Lasts Forever

Here Comes The Pain by Paul Trudeau / Kid Gloves Music

Mick works out.

Looking Back by Anger Management

Josh is attacked & warned.

Calling You by Blue October

Beth & Josh lie in bed; Mick waits for Beth.

Del Mareno by Julio Caesar Sanchez

Nicole Tejada's 16th birthday party

Las Mananitas by Martyn Laight / KPM Music

Tejada dances with his daughter.

La Rompe De La Discoteca by Baby Q

The police arrive to arrest Tejada.

Saving Josh by Trevor Morris

Mick works to save Josh.

Dame Esa Cosa (Give Me That Thing) by Rene Brizuela / Megatrax Music

Mick arrives at the Hollenback Bar.

Subterfuge by Adam Hamilton

Mick kills Tejada.

[112] The Mortal Cure

Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Beth goes to the police station; flashback of Josh's death.

Gone To My Head by Crawlspace

Mick asks Josef about the vampires.

School's Out by Alice Cooper

Logan plays Guitar Hero.

Wrap Me In Dreams by Deep Sounds

Mick interrupts Cynthia's 'bath'.

Quicksand (Thievery Corporation Remix) by Natalie Walker

Beth meets with Celeste.

Ice Cream by New Young Pony Club

Mick arrives to find Josef getting a massage.

Goodbye by Jessica Lowndes

Beth goes to her office.

All Fall Down by OneRepublic

Mick takes a sample of blood & enjoys his humanity.

[113] Fated To Pretend

Shine by Andy Stochansky

Mick enjoys his humanity.

Mine All Mine by Stasia Conger

Beth arrives home & listens to her iPod.

Calling Dr. Love by Kiss

Logan plays Guitar Hero.

Baby Boy ... Baby Girl by The Dark Romantics

Mick goes to Luis Perez's house.

Tell Us by The Elliots

The chase.

Golden Ring by Dweezil Zappa / Extreme Music

Mick phones Logan about Luis.

Lucky by Bif Naked

Mick & Beth kiss.

[114] Click

Can't Stop by Maroon 5

Car chase.

Be My Girl by Dlfx

Mick & Tierney chat at lunch.

Say About Me by Tamar Berk

Mick reminisces about the 'Gray Ghost'.

Smile For The Paparazzi by Cobra Starship

Tierney tells Mick to spend time with Beth; Mick heads back into the party.

Feel It by Richard Harris & Robert J Walsh / FirstCom Music

The new BuzzWire editor talks to Beth about Tierney's death.

Boys & Girls by Mon Roe

Beth talks with Tierney's producer, Abbott.

Into The Ocean by Blue October

Beth & Mick contemplate the hit and run.

Saving Josh by Trevor Morris

Beth asks Mick what happens when a vampire is exposed.

I Know Who You Could Be by Butcher Boy

At dinner, Beth tells Mick that she quit BuzzWire; a paparazzo taking pictures of Mick & Beth is attacked by vampires; Benjamin watches Beth's final broadcast.

[115] What's Left Behind

Speakers by Sink To See

Mick complains about Josef taking him couch shopping.

Soldier Boy by Ketih Nichols / KPM Music

Flashback of Mick & Ray leaving for the war.

Drag Strip by Telepictures Music

City overview.

The Nearness Of You by Glenn Miller

Ray's grandson points out Mick's picture.

[116] Sonata

Solar Seduction by Craig Morrison & Graeme Reedie / Firstcom Music

Hearst College dedication party.

Love Remains The Same by Gavin Rossdale

Mick & Beth dance; repeats as Mick tells Beth that he loves her.

An Other Way by Klooz & Etyl / Kosinus Music

Mick finds Josef & Simone celebrating.

Get Real! by Dennis Winslow, Robert J Walsh & Ronn L Chick / FirstCom Music

Beth & Mick go looking for Hank.

Lost Art by Mere Mortals

Mick questions Emma's husband, Jackson.

GLS by Salme Dahlstrom

Mick shoots hoops.

Kontroll by Witchman

Mick explains the plan to break Emma out of jail.

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