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Private Practice Music Season 5


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[501] God Laughs

I Don't Really Care by Miss Eighty 6 ft Rae

Sam gets a call from the hospital while he's in bed with Addison; a drunk Amelia dances on a bar.

Space and Time by Alex Cornish

Violet & Joanna discuss the problems they are having with their husbands; Cooper knocks on Pete's door and hears Lucas crying.

Rely by Alex Cornish

Addison reassures Lucas that everything will be okay; Violet tells Joanna not to get on the plane, then gets an emergency phone call from Cooper; Addison asks Sheldon if Lucas can understand what's going on with Pete

Always A Way by Alex Cornish

Addison talks to her therapist about the moment she sees her patients become mothers; flashback to Addison discovering her fertility specialist is the guy she met at the airport.

[502] Breaking The Rules

The Balcony by The Rumor Said Fire

Addison tells her therapist about living with Derek in his trailer; Addison & Sam are interrupted by a noise outside.

Free by The Rumor Said Fire

Jake hangs out with Pete & Sam; Sheldon asks Charlotte to give Amelia a chance.

Telegram by Buried Beds

Charlotte gets Amelia to take a breathilizer test, then tells her she's back on the surgical rotation; Addison tells Sam she hired Jake; Amelia drinks wine in the dark; Addison tells her therapists she cheated on Derek, but not on Sam.

[503] Deal With It

Sad Sad City by Ghostland Observatory

Addison tries to explain to her therapist why sex is so good with Sam; Amelia tells her AA group she's having problems staying sober.

Dim Lit Girl by The Old States

Pete & Violet have sex.

On The Other Side by The Rocketboys

Pete & Violet confess their fears to each other; Addison tells her therapist that she renamed the practice; Cooper is informed he has an eight year old son.

[504] Remember Me

Civilian by Wye Oak

Addison tells her therapist the story of a princess & fate; Addison does a check-up on Jodi as her husband, Zach, talks with Sheldon.

Already Yours by Bahamas

Violet asks Cooper about Mason & why he doesn't want to take the paternity test; Sheldon complains to Amelia about Violet's micro-managing.

Move A Little Faster by Dionne Bromfield

Sam asks Jake about women on IVF hormones while they play basketball.

Emphasis by Sleeping At Last

Sheldon tells Violet it was good she was there for Jodi; Erica hands Cooper the check that Charlotte gave her; Zach & Addison discuss his leaving Jodi; Cooper confronts Charlotte.

Wires by Sleeping At Last

Jake fills Addison in on his life, then she asks him if Sam will leave her; Pete tells Violet he likes her haircut; Charlotte informs Cooper that Mason is his son.

[505] Step One

My Little Dove by I Hate You Just Kidding

Amelia helps her friend, Michelle committ suicide.

The Ghost You're Haunting by Robotanists

Amelia tries to revive Michelle; Sam & Charlotte work on restraining Wes; Amelia takes Michelle to the hospital.

Going Home by The Bony King Of Nowhere

Pete reassures Violet that it will be okay and that he's glad she's fighting the medical board; Sheldon yells at Amelia for assisting in Michelle's suicide attempt.

Just You by Amy Stroup

Mason asks if Cooper is his dad; Addison continues talking to her therapist about 'step one'; Addison asks Jake if he wants to be her fertility doctor;

[506] If I Hadn't Forgotten...

Sleeping Giant by Bootstraps

Flashback of Charlotte falling asleep at the wheel and causing a car accident.

Where You Are by Lonesome Animals

Sam tells Addison he thinks she should use the musician's sperm.

If I Hadn't Forgotten by Keaton Simons

Pete becomes angry when Violet tries to analyze why he's having trouble trusting her; Cooper & Charlotte cuddle in bed; Addison watches as Jake fertilizes her egg; Addison tells her therapist about Sam cheating on her.

[507] Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne

Addison tells her therapist she's constantly checking on the baby; Addison tells Sam she get have sex before being implanted with the embryos, then she runs into Ryan & Amelia on her deck.

Lov3r by Kyle Andrews

Amelia rushes out on Ryan to get more drugs; Sam complains to Addison about Jake refusing to let Shannon become an organ donor; Jake implants an egg in Addison's uterus; Addison tells her therapist about what the egg could become; Ryan injects Amelia with drugs.

Good Time by Matt Duncan

Violet & Pete sit down to watch tv together; Mason arrives to spend the night with Cooper & Charlotte;

[508] Who We Are

Ain't Nobody by Mary J Blige

Charlotte tells the group the Amelia is still using; Amelia remembers talking to Ryan about being in love, then agreeing to marry him.

25/8 by Mary J Blige

Flashback to Amelia giving Ryan her father's watch.

Need Someone by Mary J Blige

The group is told a story about hitting rock bottom; Jake sits at Lily's grave and talks about his life & missing her; Amelia awakes to find that Ryan has overdosed.

[509] The Breaking Point

No Condition by Mary J Blige

Amelia tries to talk her roommate, Hailey, through a bad withdrawal.

Empty Prayers by Mary J Blige

Pete arrives home & he and Violet continue to not communicate; Cooper & Erica reassure Mason he'll do fine in his school play; Amelia & Hailey say goodbye; Addison takes Sam to see her therapist to discuss how their relationship can work if she has a baby.

The Living Proof by Mary J Blige

Mason makes friends with Cooper's patient, Toby; Violet leaves Pete; Amelia tells Hailey she can do whatever she wants if she becomes sober; everyone gathers at Addison's for Thanksgiving; Addison takes a pregnancy test.

[510] Are You My Mother?

Fires by David Ramirez

Addison tells her therapist she no longer thinks she's in control of her life; Addison insists Sam moves he things out of her house so she can make a better impression on her social worker; repeats as Amelia tells Charlotte she wants to turn back the clock; Jake comforts Addison; Cooper tells Charlotte he followed through on disciplining Mason; Violet tells Pete they have to stick to their rules; Sam & Addison agree that their relationship is over.

We'll Begin Tomorrow by Release The Sunbird

Charlotte talks to Amelia about how the surgery went & her recovery; Violet tells Addison that Pete is moving out; Addison is paged by Melanie; Sam, Peter, Cooper & Charlotte talk about relieving frustration; Addison reassures Melanie.

I'm Gonna Love You Too by Jenny O

Charlotte & Sheldon talk about Amelia at the shooting range; Addison looks in on Melanie's daughter.

[511] The Standing Eight Count

The Best Things In Life by The Silver Seas

Addison tells her therapist about a documentary on shin-kicking she came across when she couldn't sleep; Addison & Sam exchange glances from their balconies.

5678! by Butterfly Boucher

The guys have drinks at a club and discuss women; Pete strikes up a conversation with a woman, who invites him up to her room; Sam chats with a woman who is not convinced he's a doctor.

Guiltfree by Bootstraps

Sheldon talks with Aaron & his wife about the shooting and returning to the job.

Oh Lies by Piney Gir

Violet & Addison discuss Pete & Sam moving on; Charlotte confronts Erica about her brain tumor.

The Thread by Admiral Radley

Violet & Scott kiss; Charlotte & Cooper help Mason study for his spelling test, then Erica stops by to talk with Cooper; Addison & Sam talk to each other from their balconies; Addison tells her therapist that she's going to have a baby.

[512] Losing Battles

Skipping A Beat by I'm From Barcelona

Addison tells her therapist about sailing with her brother, Archer; Violet thanks Scott for staying over; Sheldon avoids Amelia; Addison & Jake tell Amelia about looking for a surrogate.

Cat & Mouse by Nikki and Rich

Sheldon & Sam work out at a gym in an attempt to meet a woman.

Words by Gregory Alan Isakov

Violet tells Joanne she's safe; Amelia tells Addison she wants to be her surrogate.

A Lot Of Things by Rosi Golan

Cooper tells Charlotte he feels guilty for being thankful that Erica's illness meant he got to meet Mason; Violet goes to Scott for comfort; Sam asks Addison about his greatest flaw; Jake joins Addison on her patio; Addison continues to talk about sailing.

[513] The Time Has Come

Shake It Like You Mean It by The Comfies

Addison complains to her therapist about surprise parties; Scott brings coffee to Violet, then suggests she think about moving.

The Colored Night by Blind Night

Jake tries to convince Addison not to drink alone; Sheldon tells Rick he can't continue to avoid dealing with being raped; a drunk Addison asks Jake if he wants to have sex.

I Lie by Leaping Eaves

Addison complains to Jake about his rejection of her.

The Loss by Marlon Roudette

Pete gives Scott a warning; Cooper takes Mason to visit with Erica, then she starts seizing.

Boys and Girls by Alabama Shakes

Scott & Violet have sex; Sam gets an urgent phone call then heads to a police station; Addison tells her therapist she likes to know what's coming.

[514] Too Much

New York by Blind Pilot

Addison tells her therapist about her class schedule; Sam tries to get his sister, Corinne, to respond to him; Violet & Scott chat in bed.

Up From The Ground by Fort Atlantic

Sam tells Sheldon how Corinne used to be; Charlotte finds Mason, then he asks her if his mom is dead.

Hope You Know by Megafaun

The doctors fill M elissa in on Eli's status, then Denise joins them; Jake & Sam talk about Corinne, then Addison joins them; Amelia & Charlotte tell Erica about a surgery option for her tumor; Corinne & Sam reminisce about a vacation house from their childhood; Addison tells her therapist she loved her overly packed school schedule.

[515] You Break My Heart

Our Hearts by Firehorse

Addison tells her therapist that the struggle after struggle is just life; Derek tells Amelia she can phone Cooper about their success; Scott tells Violet he wants their relationship to move to the next level.

All Waters by Perfume Genius

Erica's surgery begins as Cooper & Mason sit in the waiting room; Charlotte cries in the bathroom, then explains the surgery & risks to Mason; problems arise in Erica's surgery.

Rivers and Homes. by J.Viewz

Sam & Jake work on Gloria as Addison delivers her baby; Derek & Amelia check on Erica as she wakes up after surgery, then Charlotte encourages her to wave to Mason.

One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend) by Wilco

Amelia & Derek joke around; Gloria's husband tells her about their daugther as Addison, Jake & Sam look on; Violet & Pete chat about their sex lives as Lucas plays; Charlotte admits to Cooper that she loves Mason; Violet tells Scott she doesn't want more than sex from him; Addison tells Jake that what's between them is not just physical; Sam tells Corinne he thought she left because of him.

[516] Andromeda

Sister Song by Perfume Genius

Addison talks to her therapist about sacrifice; Scott leaves after having sex with Violet; Charlotte lies in bed alone.

252 by Gem Club

Charlotte tells Cooper she hired a night nurse for Erica; Violet invites Pete to stay for dinner; Addison is awoken in the middle of the night by Corinne: Sam talks Corinne into returning to his house.

Don't Blame Love by Trent Dabbs

Addison shows Laurel that Dani is there for her; Cooper tells Violet that Mason seems terrified of what's happening to Erica; Addison bring Jake in on Laurel's surgery; Corinne tells Sam she's found a new galaxy.

Change Your Life by Jennifer O'Connor

Sheldon tries to convince Sam that he can't handle Corinne by himself; Sam asks Corinne to tell him about the stars she sees; Addison tells her therapist the type of love she is searching for.

[517] The Letting Go

Look Out by The Ross Sea Party

Addison tells her therapist one of her college classmates who dated an older guy.

Infinity Street by Richard Walters

Addison advises Sam that he might have to risk losing Corinne to help her; Cooper & Charlotte fill Mason in on Erica's prognosis.

Everytime You Go by Release The Sunbird

Erica says goodbye to Mason; Mason tells Charlotte he didn't cry infront of his mom.

Eyes by Imperial Mammoth

Amelia confesses to Addison that she's pregnant; Sam checks Corinne into a care facility; Charlotte checks on Erica; Cooper sleeps next to Mason; Addison asks her therapist how anyone knows when to keep going and when to let go.

[518] It Was Inevitable

Mr. Bright Eyes by Rebecca Ferguson

Addison tells her therapist how much she worries about things in an attempt to be prepared; Addison helps deliver a premature baby; Addison & Violet compare patients loads then talk about Violet & Scott's break up; Jake asks Addison to consult on a patient, then she asks him about Angela; Pete asks Sam how he's doing regarding Corrine's situation.

Normal Song by Perfume Genius

Charlotte rushes to bring Mason to Erica's bedside; Erica dies.

Now Is The Start by A Fine Frenzy

Addison kisses Jake, then she tells him she's not going to have a baby; Pete & Violet tell one another they still love each other; Cooper thanks Charlotte for everything she's done for him & Mason; Sam tells Addison they make sense as a couple; Addison is called to the hospital about a possibility of adopting a baby.

[519] And Then There Was One


Jake & Sam shoot hoops & talk about Addison.

Sometimes You Need by Rufus Wainwright

Amelia tells Addison that she hates her.

When I Grow Up by First Aid Kit

Pete tells Violet he loves her, but won't do the therapy sessions with her anymore; Cooper asks Charlotte how she got Mason to talk; Amelia tells Jake that she wants to donate her son's organs; Amelia leaves a message for Sheldon; Addison tells Violet she's not going to feel guilty for finally getting the baby she wanted.

[520] True Colors

Already Gone by Jennifer O'Connor

Addison talks to her therapist about Henry; Pete drops Lucas off at Violet's & invites her to dinner.

All The Young by Melogrand

Pete & Violet have dinner, then end up in bed together.

I Will Follow Love All The Way Home by Tyler Lyle

Sam tells Addison to find better child care; Amelia tells Jake she wants to sign the organ donation consent forms; Addison tells her therapist that Henry knows she's his mom.

[521] Drifting Back

Black Tooth by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

Addison tells her therapist about the Pacific Trash Vortex; Amelia returns to NA.

It's Alright by Waterdeep

Jake comments that Addison is getting everything she wanted; Roger says goodbye to Troy as Pete shuts off his ventilator.

Everything Has Its Way by Katie Costello

Jake tells Amelia that if she chooses to take drugs, her addiction will be in control not her; Addison asks Sam not to give her hope if he doesn't want to be completely in her & Henry's life; Charlotte confronts Pete about Troy's death; Jake tells Addison he's good with the Practice being a family, then she kisses him.

[522] Gone, Baby, Gone

Roll Baby Roll by Duquette Johnston and the Rebel Kings

Addison tells her therapist she has everything she's every wanted; Sam sees Addison & Jake kissing at the office.

Vines by Lost In The Trees

Sam tells Addison he won't harvest the organs of Amelia's baby; Cooper tells Charlotte that there was a Mother's Day event at Mason's school; Amelia tells Jake she doesn't want to cry.

We're Not The Same by Peasant

Charlotte tells Jake she's going to fight for Amelia's right to donate her baby's organs.

A New You by Release The Sunbird

Addison supports Amelia during her labor; Violet is surprised by Pete's return home.

Be The Song by Foy Vance

Amelia holds her baby; Charlotte tells Addison & Sam she's going to do the organ harvest without the hospital's permission; Amelia says goodbye to her son; the transplant team works on Amelia's baby; Jake asks Addison why Amelia was calling her son a 'unicorn baby'.

Lost In The Light by Bahamas

Sheldon tells Amelia she's his best friend; Pete asks Violet what happens if he has to go back to prison.

Montreal by Bahamas

Sam tells Addison he wants a life with her and Henry, then he asks her to marry him; Jake drives to Addison's house.

Private Practice music list adapted from The ABC Private Practice Music Guide

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