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Reign Music Season 1

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[101] Pilot

Scotland by The Lumineers

Mary plays games and has lunch with the members of the convent; repeats as Mary & her ladies-in-waiting arrive at court; Mary & Francis are reunited; Nostradamus tells Catherine of his vision; Mary thanks her mysterious helper.

Girl You're Alright by Paul Otten

The girls prepare for Elizabeth's wedding ceremony.

Back To You by Twin Forks

Mary & her ladies-in-waiting dance.

Follow by Crystal Fighters

The girls sneak around the castle; King Henry joins Kenna in the hallway.

The Loved Ones by Sanders Bohlke

Sebastian returns Mary's dog to her and tells her she's not alone.

Charlie Boy by The Lumineers

Mary asks Francis if he would want her if neither of them were royalty, as Catherine watches from afar; Catherine confronts Nostradamus about their failed plot.

[102] Snakes In The Garden

Scotland by The Lumineers


Flowers In Your Hair by The Lumineers

Mary, Francis & Charles head out to meet Madeleine's boat.

Give Up The Ghost by Rosi Golan ft Johnny McDaid

Mary welcomes Madeleine, then Charles picks her a flower.

Wistful Thinking by A. Void & David Young

Charles & Madeleine run around as Catherine & Henry discuss the presence of the English.

Final Days by Matt Wilcox

Games & feasting take place in the palace courtyard; Francis & Mary reminisce about when they were children.

Navigate by Band of Skulls

Francis warns his mother about what will occur if something happens to Mary; Catherine asks for details on Colin's death then finds a red X in her bed; Nostradamus talks to Clarissa; Francis tells Mary he believes her.

[103] Kissed

Roots by The Melodic

Mary accidentally kicks a football into a tree while out with Charles, then almost hits Tomas & Greer with the ball while retrieving it.

Pompeii by Bastille

King Henry and Sebastian practice their sword skills, then are interrupted by Francis.

Simple Desire by All Mankind

King Henry & Kenna kiss in the hallway, then she asks him for more time before they have sex.

Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar

Tomas & Mary race their horses along the cliffs, then visit an old church built by Louis VII.

Estampie by Robert Foster

Couples dance as Catherine & Nostradamus discuss his vision; Mary asks Francis if King Henry changed his mind about sending men to help Scotland.

Tete A Tete by Ismael De Saint Leger

Tomas & Mary dance as everyone watches.

By Your Side by Alex&Sam

Everyone gathers outside for the fireworks; Kenna is ignored by King Henry; Francis watches as Mary talks with Tomas; Kenna tells Sebastian his father is a confusing man.

Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin

Greer & Leith talk about their families, then end up kissing.

These Things Never Change by Josh Auer

Leith says good morning to Greer, then accidentally marks his cheek with flour; Francis shows Mary where the French soldiers will travel.

[104] Hearts and Minds

More Than An Arms Reach by Adurn

Kenna joins King Henry in his bedroom and asks if she can stay after Mary leaves.

Blame by Nik Ammar & Oliver Jackson

The court prepares for the costume banquet; Mary chastises her ladies for not being in the proper spirit for the banquet.

I Followed Fires by Matthew and the Atlas

Mary heads over to question Simon about his seal.

You're My Girl (Hey Hey Hey) by Fairground Lights

Leith tells Greer about the tradition behind the costume banquet; they kiss.

Run Boy Run by Woodkid

The ladies express concern over Mary's absence; Kenna begs King Henry to wait on Simon's beheading until Francis & Sebastian return.

Metal & Dust by London Grammar

Mary tells King Henry she's earned the right to negotiate the new marriage treaty herself.

Hide & Seek by Claire Guerreso

Francis asks to speak with Mary; Kenna returns to the King's bedroom.

[105] A Chill In The Air

Don't You Give Up On Me by Milo Greene

Mary & Francis discuss what they'd do with they weren't royalty, then they kiss.

With You by Dan Gautreau & Wolfgang Black

Greer rushes off to fix her dress, then Leith follows her and offers to help remove the stain.

Fingers N Thumbs by Jim Davies & Martin Jackson

Greer complains to the girls about having boring conversations; Catherine leaves the room as Olivia enters; Mary introduces herself to Olivia.

The Call by Ruu Campbell

Francis tells Olivia of the arrangements that were made for her; Greer tells Leith why she can't be with him; Olivia asks Francis to consider letting her stay as his mistress.

King Of Norway by The Donnies The Amys

Francis sees Mary & Sebastian kissing.

[106] Chosen

Silent Treatment (William Orbit Mix) by The Joy Formidable

King Henry reassures Kenna that he kept his word and she is now his official mistress.

Tookah by Emiliana Torrini

The girls question Kenna about how she became the King's mistress.

Bottled Up Tight by Luke Sital-Singh

Kenna expresses doubt over her demands to the King; Lola points out the fireworks display to Kenna; Kenna & King Henry kiss.

Nomads by Joe Banfi

Francis tells Mary that until they are married she can be with anyone except Bash; as Francis & Olivia kiss, he tells her he can't make her any promises.

[107] Left Behind

Don't Be Afraid by Lee DeWyze

Leith shows Greer how to flip the eggs he's cooking, then they end up kissing.

[108] Fated

Until We Get There by Lucius

Francis & Mary fool around in bed and discuss their future, then are interrupted by news of the Cardinal's arrival.

Bones by MS MR

King Henry & Diane have sex; Catherine watches Henry return from Diane's bed.

Set No Sun by Unkle

Mary asks Francis if he thinks they are testing fate; one of Mary's ladies staggers down the hallway as Clarissa follows; Aylee speaks her final words to Mary; Kenna realizes the significance of the spilled tea; Mary yells at Nostradamus.

Younger by French Wives

Mary informs the French court that she will lay no claim to the English throne; Francis tells Mary he will never let her go; Sebastian offers to accompany Mary on her journey.

[109] For King And Country

I'll Be The First by Kill It Kid

Francis beats up Bash as Mary tries to stop him.

Fuel To Fire by Agnes Obel

Mary & her ladies watch as Catherine gets ready to leave the castle; Catherine give Mary one last piece of advice.

Amsterdam by Daughter

Bash tells Mary that he can't believe he's to become king.

[110] Sacrifice

Can You Help Me by Hannah Peel / The Magnetic North

Mary tends to Isabel while they talk about royalty.

But That Can Wait by Jaguerra

Isabel holds her baby girl.

Promise by Ben Howard

Bash & Mary drip their blood on Isabel's grave as part of a Pagan rite; Bash tells Mary that if they wed his duty will be to her not a country.

[111] Inquisition

Son by Warpaint

Mary tells Bash her heart is open to him; Catherine gets dressed up and contemplates what to do with the poison; Mary has a bath prepared.

[112] Royal Blood

Azan by Losers

In Paris, Lola brings money to her brother, Frederick.

Land Features by Freelance Whales

Mary & Bash take Charles & Henry to their very own Frost Fair at the castle.

Temptress by Plaitum

Lola tries to negotiate a different payment for Frederick's cheating.

I Found You by AG + Silver

Lola & Francis kiss, then end up in bed together.

[113] The Consummation

Walking Blind by Aidan Hawken ft Carina Round

Lola & Francis arrive back at court and explain to Mary & her ladies how they rode back together.

Salvator Mundi by Thomas Tallis / Extreme Music

Catherine realizes that Marie falsified the news of England's succession.

The Power Of Love by Gabrielle Aplin

Mary walks down the aisle, then she and Francis are married.

Come To Me by Goo Goo Dolls

The court throws confetti as Mary & Francis have their first dance; King Henry leaves the celebration to speak with Bash.

My Baby by Sanders Bohlke

King Henry forces Bash to join the witnesses to the consummation.

[114] Dirty Laundry

Grow Old With Me by Tom Odell

Mary & Francis chat about their marriage as they are driven back to the castle in a carriage.

Dreams by Gabrielle Aplin & Bastille

Montage of Kenna chatting with the Archduke as Henry has sex with the Duchess and accidentally pushes her out a window.

Johnny Belinda by Active Child

Kenna & Henry kiss; Nostradamus tries to question Olivia; Mary lies sleepless in bed.

[115] The Darkness

Bitter And Sick by One Two

King Henry introduces Kenna to Anna, then watches as they kiss and undress each other.

Fly Away by Distant Cousins

Leith gives Greer a letter from her parents.

Love Like This by Kodaline

The First Light celebration; Kenna goes to Catherine for help with the dead concubine.

Done Is Done by Twin Forks

Leith gives Greer an invitation to dinner from Lord Castleroy.

Love Like This (Acoustic) by Kodaline

Francis surprises Mary with a room full of lit candles, then they kiss.

[116] Monsters

Influence & Atlas by Roman Remains

'Queen' Penelope turns dominatrix with King Henry.

Riptide by Vance Joy

King Henry congratulates Greer on the gossip about her and Leith.

You Are Enough by Sleeping At Last

Nostradamus tells Olivia that she looks pretty, but declines her invitation to dance.

A Call To Arms by Laura Jansen & Ed Harcourt

Nostradamus tells Olivia about the family he lost; Lola & Greer watch as Leith is taken from the castle.

All I Want by Dawn Golden

Bash confesses to Mary that he still has feelings for her.

[117] Liege Lord

Wolsey Fancye by Studio G Music

Mary & Francis dance while discussing how King Henry has been acting.

The Early Harvest by Duncan Aran & Cy Jack

Catherine complains about how many Scots were invited to the party, then asks Mary if she's seen Charlotte.

A Dram And A Jam by Duncan Aran & Cy Jack

Francis & Mary debate the risk in telling Lord McKenzie about the contract clause.

Galliards by JW Media Music

Catherine puts down Penelope, then is told she is 'saucy' by one of the Scots.

The Tempest by James Stemple

Lord McKenzie & his men kneel in honor of Mary.

The Way Of Life by Paul Lawler

Catherine flirts with the Scot who called her 'saucy'.

Tin Lover by The Paper Kites

Lord Julian tells Lola he still wants to marry her, despite her confession.

Dare The Night by Quiet Arrows

Catherine's Scot wishes Lord McKenzie a good night.

Deep Within the Forest by Low Volts

Lord McKenzie and his men enjoy the company of some women at a brothel.

Sabotage by Amy Stroup

Mary tells Francis she wasn't bluffing with Catherine and that she will choose Scotland over France, if forced.

[118] No Exit

Forever & Ever by Royal Wood

Lola shows off the sapphire necklace that Julian gave her; Kenna & Greer discuss each other's matches.

Royals by Vitamin String Quartet

Julian & Lola dance at their wedding; Mary & Francis's dance is interrupted by Catherine telling them that Cardinal Morosini arrived early to see Henry; Mary talks the Cardinal into a dance.

Allemande Fur 2 Lauten by Otto Sieben

James Stewart, The Earl of Moray's arrival is announced.

Apart From You by Feather & Belle

Henry objects to Penelope's new games, then they are interrupted by Catherine & the Cardinal.

Blue Blood by Laurel

Julian tells Lola he wants to face life together.

Hollow Talk by Choir Of Young Believers

Mary warns Francis that he'll lose her if Scotland falls; Francis locks Mary in the castle tower.

[119] Toy Soldiers

Setting Sun by This, The Silent War

Mary & her ladies have a snowball fight in the the courtyard.

Exxus by Glass Animals

Kenna asks Bash why he won't go farther than kissing her.

Two Heartbeats by Lenka

Bash works to make Kenna forget any man but him.

Bridges by BROODS

After seeing Mary & Francis kissing, Bash returns to Kenna and takes her back to bed.

Tribes by Neulore

Francis & Mary make love; Kenna tells Bash she wants him thinking only of her.

Made Of Stone by Matt Corby

Lord Castleroy tells Greer he wants her to look over their wedding contract before agreeing to it; Mary accuses Francis of taking away her mother's last hope.

[120] Higher Ground

Bittersweet by Elenowen

Lola tells Greer that Julian received her dowry and she's concerned about why he married her.

Sons & Daughters by Allman Brown ft Liz Lawrence

Julian hesitates to leave the castle and go 'hunting'; continues as Julian confesses to Lola that he has no money.

[121] Long Live The King

I Still Love You by Josh Jenkins

Mary & Francis celebrate his homecoming in their bedroom.

Was There Nothing? by Ásgeir

Bash sends Kenna to their home while he prepares to hunt the Darkness.

[122] Slaughter Of Innocence

Slow It Down by The Lumineers

Leith tells Greer about the land he received from Francis, then she explains why it doesn't make a difference.

Boat Song by Woodkid

Henry confesses to Francis about the brother he killed; the King's death is announced; Francis & Bash hug.

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