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Ringer Music Season 1


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[101] Pilot

I Fall To Pieces by Patsy Cline

Brigett hides from masked attacker; repeats as the scene replays.

Secret Chambers by Revision

Bridget chats with Malcolm, a member of her AA group.

You Sink Me by Justin Clayton

Siobhan leaves a diner and meets with Bridget.

Purified by Tamar Kaprelian

Bridget apologizes to Siobhan for her past problems.

Neverest by Hey Champ

Siobhan & Bridget head out on the water in a motorboat.

We Won't Run by Sarah Blasko

Bridget looks through Siobhan's home.

25 or 6 To 4 by Pacifika

Bridget phones Malcolm & tells him that Siobhan killed herself; montage of Bridget taking Siobhan's place.

Kickface by Little Foot Long Foot

Bridget meets Gemma at the loft.

Go For Miles by Tight White Jean

Bridget returns home to find Juliet making out with her boyfriend.

Lost In Dances by Freedom Or Death

Bridget warns Henry that his wife suspects he's cheating on her.

Cinema by Benny Benassi ft Gary Go

Gemma exclaims over the pregnancy news.

[102] She's Ruining Everything

Who Are You, Really? by Mikky Ekko

Bridget returns to Siobhan's home & searches through her belongings.

Crystalfilm by Little Dragon

Bridget wakes up and finds a note from Andrew.

Come In From The Rain by Sponge

Flashback of a drunk Bridget telling a bartender she'll car her sister if he hand over her car keys.

You Showed Me by The Watson Twins

Bridget gets advice from Malcolm on what to do with her attacker's body.

Break Out by Neil Ormandy

Bridget returns to the loft to find the party preparations underway.

Boy Wait 4 This by White Light Syndrome

Bridget chats with friends of Siobhan's, then asks a guy to not sit on the 'antique' chest.

Feel The Love by Fonzerelli ft Digital Glitter

Andrew & Bridget discuss how well the party came together; Gemma comments on Olivia; Henry corners Bridget and tells her Gemma found his key to the Dandridge.

Hold On by The Chain Gang Of 1974

Victor comments on how 'Siobhan' seems to be trying to keep people out of the loft; Andrew asks Bridget who was was just talking with.

Little Deschutes by Laura Veirs

Andrew comments that 'Siobhan' was acting like her old self; Bridget sneaks out of bed and texts Malcolm that she's leaving.

Televised by Calla

Flashback to Siobhan telling Bridget she's selfish.

Everything by Lifehouse

Andrew sees Bridget comforting Juliet.

[103] If You Ever Want A French Lesson

She's A River by Firehorse

Bridget remember the attack at the loft as Andrew returns home.

Leanin' by Niko Villamor

Malcolm is beaten up by Bodaway's thugs.

Dragon Lady by Street Light Suzie

Bridget tries to find out more about the hitman's cellphone.

Je Bois Monsieur by LaFille

Shiobhan meets Tyler Barrett at a bar.

Le Male Appetit by LaFille

Shiobhan (aka Cora Farrell) chats with Tyler and gives him her number; repeats as Siobhan & Tyler make out until she becomes nauseous.

Think I Love Her by DJ Smiles

Gemma takes Bridget into a private fashion show set up by Andrew.

Cream Cadillac by Beat Ventriloquists ft Dane Hall

Bridget & Gemma turn down drinks, then Gemma tells her that Andrew is a good man.

The Masters by LLgl TnDR

Bodaway continues to question Malcom about Bridget.

Hell’s Angel by Thurz ft BJ The Chicago Kid

Bridget visits the building at 227 Pratt Street.

Strikefoot by Sea Of Bees

Bridget gives Gemma the tickets to Swan Lake.

Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Bridget goes to Andrew's office to explain about visiting the divorce attorney.

Glory Box by Portishead

Andrew & 'Siobhan' promise to be honest with each other; Siobhan phones Henry while looking at a positive pregnancy test.

[104] It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It

Let You Sleep Tonight by Young Empires

Bridget returns home from shopping.

The Lighthouse Will Lead You Out by Cashier No.9

Bridget arrives at the Hampton beach house.

Shoulda Known Better by Samantha Farrell

Bridget asks Gemma what's happening with her & Henry.

Foul by New Found Land

Gemma asks 'Siobhan' about Bridget.

Celle De Mes 20 Ans by Melanie Pain

Siobhan apologizes to Tyler for how things ended the other night.

Irreversible Time by Ilaria

Flashback to Henry & Siobhan together on her last birthday.

Waves by Deluka

Bridget burns the stuff from her old life in a bonfire on the beach.

Ils Sont Marrants Les Gens by Olivier Libaux

Tyler rescues Siobhan from hotel management.

Until We Bleed by Kleerup ft Lykke Li

The group is served dinner on the beach.

[105] A Whole New Kind Of Bitch

The Drug by Ghostbird

Bridget phones Gemma while driving back to the city with Andrew & Henry.

Party Dress by Beth Thornley

Andrew & Bridget return to the apartment & find 'Whore' written across Siobhan's photo, the place trashed & Juliet and Erica passed out in the living room.

Auld Lang Sync by Treologic

Gemma watches video of a New Year's party.

The Experiment by Gio Taylor

Bodaway's men use drugs on Malcolm in an attempt to find out where Bridget is.

Liquidation Sale by Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers

Juliet returns home to discover her room's been searched, then takes out her anger on Siobhan's belongings.

Push To Land by Gabriel Mann

Juliet sees Bridget talking with Charlie at her NA meeting.

Control by Chemical Heroes ft T.Shirt

Malcolm imagines escaping the club.

Vultures by Jess Mills

Bridget phones Malcolm for help as she contemplates taking drugs.

Fall In, Fall Out by The Post War

Gemma informs Bridget of the consequences if she doesn't sleep with Henry.

The Ghosts by John and Jehn

Bridget meets Henry at a bar to warn him about Gemma's plan.

Up and Away by Theo Martins

Malcolm tries to escape.

I'm Still Hot by Luciana

Bridget & Andrew track Juliet down at Barfield's.

That Girl by NSR

Bridget apologizes to Juliet for Siobhan being with Andrew before he was divorced.

Always Find Me Here by Transit

Juliet helps Bridget clean the lipstick off Siobhan's picture; Henry refuses to let Andrew enter his home, then he walks through his messy home.

[106] The Poor Kids Do It Everyday

Unless I'm Led by Mates Of State

Bridget tucks in Juliet as Andrew arrives home.

Hypocrisy by Digital Sons

Henry cleans up the blood in his apartment.

God's Gonna Cut You Down by Constanza

Henry dumps garbage in a commercial area; Bridget hesitates when disposing of Juliet's stash, then calls Charlie for support.

It's Just Life by Gio Taylor ft Julie Gribble

Bridget meets Charlie at a coffee shop and gives him Juliet's stash.

Midnight Ride by N.E.P.H.E.W

Victor asks Bodaway about Malcolm & Bridget.

You Want My Love by Rushmore

Victor's partner gives him the results of the DNA on the cigarette butts.

Scary by Lindberg Palace

Flashback to Bridget leaving her fingerprints on the evidence from Gemma's apartment; Siobhan is told 'the Gemma problem' was taken care of.

[107] Oh Gawd, There's Two Of Them?

Falling by Hamdan Al-Abri

Flashback to Malcolm presenting Bridget with a cake to celebrate her being three months sober, then the two of them kissing.

Doctor by Parker House and Theory

Bridget meets with Charlie to talk about Gemma.

Dust Bowl III by Other Lives

Malcolm get off a bus in Wyoming

Double Edge (GeRM Remix Instrumental) by Emika

At a party, Juliet helps her drunk friend, Monica.

Haywired by Ed Harcourt

Bridget tells Andrew she doesn't want to lose him;

After It by Julie Halehwa It ft Buff1

Henry helps open the Hamilton Art Pavillion; Henry tells Bridget he feels guilty about not trying harder with Gemma.

Drive by Shotgun Radio

Henry leaves the opening; Bridget spots Malcolm.

[108] Maybe We Can Get A Dog Instead?

Leaving Me by With Lions

Opening shot of the city & Bridget in a hospital bed.

Catch Me by The Jezabels

Bridget apologizes to Andrew for losing the baby, then she gets a message from Malcolm asking her to meet him.

Down To The Infinity by Too Young Too Love

Malcolm takes drugs; Juliet takes a call from Henry and informs him that Siobhan lost the baby.

Melted Away by Belle Rev

While Olivia & Andrew are distracted, Tyler confronts Bridget about their affair.

Open Season by High Highs

Flashback to Malcolm encougaring Bridget to phone Siobhan; Andrew agrees with Bridget that they should help Malcolm; Malcolm thanks Bridget for her help; Juliet joins The Young Samaritan club that Mr. Carpenter runs; Bridget takes Malcolm to see Charlie.

[109] Shut Up And Eat Your Balogna

Flowers Bloom by High Highs

Andrew tells Bridget he wants to take her to Turks and Caicos.

Stereo by Adaline

Bridget has coffee with Malcolm and tells him about disposing of the gun; Bridget searches through Siobhan's stuff..

Fire Escape by Matthew Mayfield

Malcolm asks Charlie to get rid of his alcohol-containing mouthwash.

Apparitions by The Raveonettes

Malcolm searches Charlie's jacket; Bridget goes to church; Malcolm looks at Charlie's mail.

Ritual Union (Maya Jane Coles Remix) by Little Dragon

Bridget enters the Rectory club & sees Charlie getting a drink there and being called 'John'.

Drawn From Memory by Heavy Young Heathens

Siobhan calls Charlie for an update.

Tell Me by Au Revoir Simone

Bridget meets with Charlie and asks why he's helping her.

Come To Nothing by Car Stereo Wars

Bridget tells Charlie it was a mistake to ask him to dispose of the gun.

The Sun by The Naked and Famous

Charlie tells Bridget he can't get the gun back to her immediately; Malcolm tries to get into Charlie's basement as Bridget texts him to get out.

[110] That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

Hear The Noise That Moves So Soft And Low by James Vincent McMorrow

Bridget & Andrew make love.

Take Me As I Am by Au Revoir Simone

Siobhan tries to explain to Tyler what happened with Andrew.

Toi Et Moi by La Boutique

Siobhan tries to explain to Tyler what happened with Andrew, then shows him her black eye.

For You by Up Down Up

Juliet skypes with Andrea and tells her that Mr. Carpenter raped her.

Pulse by I Break Horses

Siobhan sets up the crime scene; Malcolm thanks Andrew for letting him spend the night; Andrew tells Bridget that Charlie & Gemma were found dead.

Qu'est-ce Qu'on Est Bien Ici by Aimee Allen

Tyler phones Siobhan and asks if she's pregnant.

Rumor Has It by Adele

Bridget wonders why Charlie was after Siobhan & Gemma.

[111] It Just Got Normal

The Lost Loves by Young Heretics

Siobhan watches Bridget having a shower.

It by Rich Aucoin

Bridget & Andrew meet with Jeff & Greer for dinner.

Holidays by Miami Horror ft Alan Palomo

People start arriving for the fundraiser; Andrew tells Juliet to get dressed and join the party.

XO Skeleton by Jacuzzihidive

Juliet & Andrea discuss leaving the party; Henry confronts Bridget, then tells her to stay out of her life.

These Tears (EST8 Piano Mix) by Spiritchaser

A drunk Juliet makes loud comments to Mr. Carpenter.

Neurotic Nancy (Smiles Remix) by Bullet and Snowfox

Bridget asks Juliet to tell her what's wrong.

Mister Cripser by DJ Risk One

Bridget punches Mr. Carpenter.

Don't Give Up by Kari Kimmel

Victor shows a waitress pictures of John & Bridget.

Cold Hands by Eelke Kleijn & Astrid Kunst

Bridget reassures Andrew he's not to blame for what happened to Juliet; Siobhan apologizes to Henry & tells him she loves him.

[112] What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

Tainted Love by Benlow

Juliet & Bridget return home to find Juliet's mother, Catherine, in their bathtub.

Hope Is Not Enough by iLikETRAiNS

Bridget asks Juliet if she wants blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

All The Little Birds by Joy Askew

Siobhan sells her wedding ring.

Remember The Good Things by Milosh

Henry accuses Siobhan of being Bridget.

Haunted (By You) by Happy Juliet

Andrew finds Catherine burning photos in his living room.

Riverside by Agnes Obel

Bridget & Juliet discuss Catherine, then Bridget tells her a story about the problems between her own parents.

For You by Tin Sparrow

Bridget figures out who Soloman is, then calls him to make an appointment.

Devil in The Detail by The Ambience Affair

Siobhan shows Henry that Bridget is living as her, then tells him she's still pregnant with their child.

[113] It's Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved

Vulture by She Keeps Bees

Bridget asks Soloman questions about their previous encounters; Soloman takes Bridget to an office in Harlem.

Friedrichshain by Chelsea Wolfe

Siobhan watches Bridget search through her office.

Undertow by Warpaint

Bridget checks out a bookstore that Siobhan used to visit; Bridget finds Siobhan's wish saying she can't forgive her sister.

The Well by Soma Sonic

Henry meets Gemma's father for a drink.

For What It's Worth by Maggie Eckford

Katherine advises Juliet on what to wear to the court, then Bridget tells Juliet she's really brave for testifying.

Leaves Start Trembling by Feathers

Henry & Siobhan lounge in bed together.

Cavalcade by Mitten

Andrew asks Bridget if she thinks he should settle with Mr. Carpenter, then Juliet returns home and tells them what a good time she had with her mom.

Wreckage by Beat Ventriloquists ft Rosey

Juliet & Tessa meet up with Mr. Carpenter to celebrate their success.

Mirrors by Gemini Club

Juliet & Tessa tell Mr. Carpenter recount how they tricked Andrea.

Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey

Tyler phones a guy at the Security Exchange Commission about Martin Charles; Bridget & Soloman return to Siobhan's office and find footprints coming from the storage closet; Siobhan has Henry listen to a recording.

[114] Whores Don't Make That Much

Pick It Up by B.Mac

Tessa arrives at school in a brand new car; Juliet confronts Tessa about flaunting her money.

When You Dream by Sara Jackson-Holman

Bridget cries while looking at Sean's photo; flashback to Bridget babysitting Sean as Siobhan & Dylan argue.

Same Direction by Hoobastank

Flashback to Dylan, Sean & Bridget driving home from the circus & getting into a car accident.

Fear Is Like Fire by Fink

Bridget watches Dylan with his familiy.

Funeral Beat by Peggy Sue

Flashback of Bridget showing up at Sean's funeral & Siobhan slapping her.

Desvelada by The Knot

Mr. Carpenter tells Juliet he wasn't the one that hurt Tessa.

Bay Of Skaill by The Magnetic North

Bridget tells Dylan that Sean's death was an accident and that she forgives him.

Searching For The Words by Emily Greene

Andrew asks Bridget if she's with him to fight Catherine for custody of Juliet; Bridget gets a call from Malcolm.

Vessel by Zola Jesus

Malcolm tells Bridget she can't go back to being herself yet; Juliet tells her mom that the plan is falling apart.

[115] P.S. You're An Idiot

Le Petit Bolero by Paname Dandies

Siobhan has a sonogram & is told she's having twins.

Come Get Sums by Guitaro

Malcolm searches through Henry's stuff & finds an invoice regarding Siobhan's office.

Beethoven's Bagatelle In F Major, Op.33/3 by Hanae Nakajima

Malcolm tells Bridget about the invoice while she's trying on wedding gowns.

Can We Stay by The Woodlands

Juliet tells Catherine her concerns about Mr. Carpenter & Tessa's beating.

Pinky's Dream by David Lynch

Catherine warns Mr. Carpenter not to threaten Juliet, then they kiss.

Demons by Chelsea Wolfe

Catherine complains to Mr. Carpenter that Juliet is still choosing Andrew over her.

Ain't No Sunshine by Royal Wood

Juliet asks her father if she's a bad person.

The Good Stuff by Scarbrough and Benner

Andrew follows Bridget when she steps away from the wedding planning.

Dance Me A Number by The Steepwater Band

Catherine & Mr. Carpenter arrive at a motel.

The Beast by Austra

Olivia is informed that Malcolm was not the mole; Bridget tells Andrew that she doesn't want their vow renewal to be rushed; Catherine pays off the guy that beat up Tessa; Andrew admits to Bridget that the ponzi scheme was his idea.

[116] You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

Believe by Feathers

Tyler talks with a guy at the SEC.

Get Off (Dub Mix) by Stereofunk

Flashback to Bridget flirting with Victor.

Beautiful Space by Belle Rev

Flashback of Shaylene agreeing to help him build a case against Bodaway.

Lovin' You, Baby by Charles Bradley ft Menahan Street Band

Bridget sees a couple kissing at The Soho Diamond & recalls exchanging 'I Love You's with Andrew.

Matters by The P1 Move ft Ami Saraiya

Bridget sees Tyler rushing from the hotel and goes to follow, but is sidetracked by Henry's appearance.

Lafaye by School Of Seven Bells

Bridget goes to Tyler's hotel room & finds him dead.

Serpents by Sharon Van Etten

Bridget leaves the hotel as the police arrive; Malcolm calls Victor to says he wants to press charges against Bodaway; Bridget leaves Malcolm a message about Tyler's murder.

[117] What We Have Is Worth The Pain

Dance Around The Fire by The Golden Filter

Bridget leaves another message for Malcolm, then discovers her old cellphone missing.

The Down Dumbing (Oh Baby Remix) by Qwel and Maker

One of Bodaway's girls notices Victor watching them.

See Me by She Keeps Bees

Bridget & Soloman track Malcolm's cellphone to an abandoned building.

All The Rowboats by Regina Spektor

Bridget distracts the hotel desk clerk while Soloman gets information; Juliet meets a guy, Cash, in the lobby of her mom's hotel.

Turn Around by Losers

Siobhan admits to Henry that she was sleeping with Tyler.

Further To Fall by Dan Craig

Juliet IMs with Cash, then meets with Tessa who realizes that Cash was the guy that attacked her.

State Of Seduction by Digital Daggers

Olivia eavesdrops as Siobhan tells Andrew she doesn't love him & he deserves to be in jail; Siobhan tells Henry that Andrew bought her act; Olivia makes plans to get out of town;

Surrender (piano version) by Digital Daggers

Bridget tells Victor that Andrew took the bullet meant for her.

[118] That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life

Tightrope by Joy Williams

Juliet arrives at the hospital & Bridget tells Juliet how Andrew saved her life; while in bed with Siobhan, Henry gets a call from Juliet about Andrew; Victor contemplates the tarot card the shooter dropped.

Black And White Pictures by The Dahls

Andrew wakes up to find Bridget sitting by his bed.

Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye

Soloman searches Olivia's apartment.

Test Of Faith by Sea Stars

Juliet packs up her things as Bridget tries to convince her that they only want her to leave to protect her.

Who To Trust by Samantha Farrell

Bridget finds Juliet at the beach house, then Juliet tells her about Catherine's plan to get her trust fund back.

Conquer Me by Namur

Victor tells Bridget & Andrew about the body they found, and his theory about Malcolm & the hitman.

[119] Let's Kill Bridget

The Devil and Me by Cinephile

Henry is questioned by the police; a snipe takes aim at Bridget.

Simplicity by Soma Sonic

Catherine meets with Tobias Schecht regarding Andrew's Palm Spring property.

Perfect Bodies by Krief

Victor tells Bridget that Eknath was thrown out of Bodaway's organization, then Bridget suggests that she testifies against Bodaway 'as Bridget'; continues as Victor turns down Bridget's offer to testify.

Stray Bullit Woman by Greenleaf

Flashback to Shaylene tells Bridget about her mystery man.

Hurry Hurry by Jessie Baylin

Catherine & Andrew reminisce about their time at the Palm Springs house, then she kisses him.

Killing Time by Ducky

Victor asks Bridget is she trusts him.

Year of the Tiger by St. Vincent

Bridget admits to Victor that the gunman tried to kill her a few months ago; Catherine calls the gunman's phone.

[120] If You're Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It

Convien Partir by Gaetano Donizetti

Andrew finds Catherine in the apartment with slit wrists.

Monsters by Connor Youngblood

Henry is informed that a hotel maid has come forward that puts him in Tyler's room just before his death.

Promise by Mirah

Andrew tells Bridget that Catherine kissed him.

Scars by Anna Nalick

Catherine has a heart-to-heart with Juliet.

White Gold by Labyrinth Ear

Victor finds Remy's secret room & finds a frozen body; Siobhan is startled by Briget's arrival at Henry's apartment.

Marching Song by Esben And The Witch

Victor discovers that Catherine put the hit on Siobhan/Bridget; Bridget & Catherine have tea together; Bridget realizes that Catherine hired the hitmen, then passes out.

[121] It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

Believe Me I Believe by Anya Marina

Bridget finds the gunman's phone in Catherine's purse; Catherine writes a suicide letter signed by Siobhan then practices a surprised response to news of Bridget's death; continues as Catherine fills the tub and sets the stage for Bridget's death.

J'adore by Adele Jacques

Flashback of Catherine confronting Siobhan about sending Juliet to boarding school.

Love Hurts by Marie Moreshead

Flashback to Catherine & Olivia meeting up.

Before You Lose It by Naama Kates

Flashback of Olivia telling Catherine about the Ponzi scheme & Catherine confessing she paid a guy to kill Siobhan.

Cast The Devil Out by Abbe May

Siobhan watches from the closet, then goes into labor, as Oksana does drugs & has sex with a client.

I Know (John Hopkins Remix) by David Lynch

While still hiding in the closet, Siobhan watches Okasana overdose.

Everyone Falls by Beth Thornley

Victor arrests Catherine.

[122] I'm The Good Twin

Stay With Me by New Found Land

Bridget & Andrew get married.

Could It Be Real (Remix) by Soma Sonic

Bridget dreams of Bodaway coming to her wedding reception.

Sea Of Regrets by iLIKETRAiNS

Bridget talks to her NA group.

Temptation by Shawn Snyder

Flashback to John & Siobhan making a deal with Jimmy.

Silent Space by Jess Mills

Siobhan confronts Henry about his getting a paternity test on the twins.

Fire In My Head by Grand Ole Party

At their party, Andrew accuses Bridget of having an affair with Henry.

The One by Horx and P3000 ft Fleur

Flashback to Shaylene warning Bridget to take it easy with her partying.

Make It Happen by Gemma Ray

Bridget tells Juliet the truth; Andrew punches Henry.

She's Long Gone by The Black Keys

Soloman shows Bridget a video proving that Siobhan didn't drown; Bridget confronts Henry about Siobhan's whereabouts & why she faked her death.

Ringer music list adapted from CW

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