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Rookie Blue Music Season 3


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[301] The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Magic Carpet Ride (Philip Steir Remix) by Steppenwolf

Andy's skydiving adventure.

Coast To Coast by Miles Jones ft Kae Sun

Sam & Andy question a convenience store clerk about the missing girl.

Greyhound Racing by Concrete Knives

Andy, Chris, Gail & Traci hang out at The Penny; Oliver teases Chris with a cardboard cutout; Gail confronts Nick about their history.

A Lullaby For My Fictitious Children by Maylee Todd

Sam & Andy try restarting their relationship.

[302] Class Dismissed

Kill Your Heroes by Awolnation

Oliver & Dov are called to an alarm at a middle school and end up with their cruiser stolen; repeats as Gail & Nick kiss.

Wake Up by Humans

Sam tells Andy he'll see her at work; Dov's see a poster of Chris while he's jogging.

Heartache by Adaline

Oliver tries to visit his daughters; Noelle reassures Frank that she & the baby are fine; Traci & Jerry head home; Sam & Andy sit on their couch together; Gail & Nick do shots.

[303] A Good Shoot

Keys by Desktop Rulers

Dov & Chris test drive a car; Andy & Sam debate whether Traci will get the detective rotation.

Do That Boy (remix) by Peter Jackson

Oliver & Nick are filled in on some local people; Frank runs into an old friend, Roland.

Ang Musika by Santa Guerrilla

Dov runs into a convenience store to get licorice.

Championship Fever by Najee The 1 and Squeek E. Clean

Sam checks in with Frank regarding the shooting victim; Frank & Oliver observe the basketball game.

Paper Boy by Peter Jackson

Roland asks Frank about Tyler's shooting & warns him there could be trouble; Nick & Gail consult with Frank over the mood of the crowd.

This World by Ski Beatz and Najee The 1

Gail & Nick have a shopping cart nearly dropped on them; Frank orders Noelle back to the station; Roland confronts Frank over Tyler's shooting.

Through My Days by Andrew James O'Brien

Noelle tells Frank she agrees to take a desk job; Gail offers Nick a ride home and tells him her rules; Dov stops by the memorial for Tyler.

[304] Girls' Night Out

My Temperature Is Rising by The Audition

Andy & Gail get ready for a night out and convince Traci to join them.

Lorne Park by Dan Griffin

Chris overhears Gail ask Nick to dinner; Sue discovers that Dov didn't go to his psychiatrist appointment, then he lies to her about going.

[305] Messy Houses

Lulls by Jasmine Ash

Andy insists that she & Sam have to rush over to surprise her father on his birthday.

Ever Could by William Fitzsimmons

Andy agrees to have coffee with her mom; Andy asks Sam to promise her if they have problems he won't just walk away.

[306] Coming Home

Give The Devil Back His Heart by The Barr Brothers

Sam assists Andy in the kitchen after her cake catches fire, then Claire drops by to given Andy some home movies; Dov quizes Crystal for her exam.

Vision by ColeCo

Andy & Sam check out the silent alarm and find a party in progress.

Some Place by Nick Waterhouse

Everyone gathers at Andy & Sam's apartment for their housewarming party; Andy thanks her mom for putting together the party; Traci tells Jerry she understands why he treated her the way he did at work.

In The Garden by Royal Wood

Dov meets Crystal as she comes out of her exam and tells her he can't be in her life anymore.

[307] Leap Of Faith

When I'm With You by Sheriff

Oliver sings along to the radio, then he's joined by Nick and Bobby.

Anticipation by Peter Elkas

Traci tells Jerry she'll marry him; Andy tells Sam she loves him.

[308] The Girlfriend Experience

Without Love by Carmen Townsend

Gail & Nick make out in the evidence room.

Home Tonight by Eux Autres

Gail arrives at Andy & Sam's place as Andy & Traci look through bridal magazines.

Sail (InnerPartySystem Remix) by Awolnation

Gail enters the restaurant and nervously chats with the bartender while waiting for her date; continues as Charlie joins Gail (aka Jasmine).

Trinity by Trust

Charlie tells Gail about his business.

[309] Out Of Time

Stranger by Katie Costello

Gail is rescued; paramedics arrive to work on Jerry.

One Way by Rose Cousins

Andy informs Traci that Jerry died; Chris & Nick watch over Gail in the hospital; Noelle introduces Frank to their daughter.

[310] Cold Comfort

All I Need To Do by Cavaliers!

Sam questions a pawn shop owner about Jerry's computer.

Time & Place by In-Flight Safety

Noelle brings Oliver a sandwich at the bar, then they discuss Jerry's death.

Prelude To Ride / Ride Like Hell by The F. Scott Band

Gail & Traci join Oliver & Noelle at the bar.

Those Days by The F. Scott Band

Chris & Dov join the group at the bar and talk to Traci about what they found in his desk; Nick & Andy arrive at the bar.

By My Side by William Fitzsimmons

Sam tells Andy he can't be a cop and be with her; Traci asks everyone to raise a glass to Jerry.

[311] The Rules

Warzone by Felix Zenger ft Tuomo

Andy & Chris shoot hoops and talk about her break-up with Sam.

Oh My! by Haley Reinhart ft B.o.B.

Nick comments on the music Gail chose to listen to while they drive to work.

Tow The Line by Thieving Irons

Crystal tells Dov she doesn't care what her family thinks, then she kisses him.

Famous by A Kid Tryna Make It ft Mayhem Moreaty & Blake Carrington

Chris & Sam arrive at the Skyline restaurant.

Money Run by Najee ft KQuick

Sam & Chris question Curtis Payne about the shooting.

Who Knows? by Dearly Beloved

Luke advises Sam to wise up before he loses Andy.

[312] Every Man

(unknown) by Peter Rabbit The Bucket Drummer

Flashbacks of the stadium fight.

Not The Stars by Allie Hughes

Dov's flashback of Chris offering him a muffin.

Evening Sun by Jon Bryant

Chris tells Dov about Denise & her son Christian; Dov, Traci & Andy hang out at the bar; Andy asks Nick why he came to work drunk; Denise apologizes to Chris for not telling him about his son sooner.

Evil Twin by Brian Borcherdt

Gail informs the group that she's been suspended.

[313] I Never

Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki by Make The Girl Dance

The rookies play 'I Never'.

I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You by Colin Hay

Sam tells Oliver he should try again with his wife; Luke informs Andy that she'll be partnered with Nick; Sam suggests to Gail they have a drink while waiting for Nick & Andy to arrive; Nick & Andy leave on their assignment.

Rookie Blue music list adapted from ABC

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