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Smallville Music Season 3


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[301] Exile

Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte

Clark steals from the ATM machines to buy his new car.

Hey Mama by The Black Eyed Peas

Clark shows up at the Atlantis nightclub.

Frantic by Metallica

Clark takes over the bank robbery from the Clown Robbers.

All The Stars by Eastmountainsouth

Lana tells Chloe she will not give up on finding Clark.

Calling All Angels by Train

Just after Clark flees the barn and while Lana and Chloe are discussing Clark's whereabouts.

Goodtalk by Shocore

Clark brings Lana to Atlantis.

[302] Phoenix

Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics

Clark goes to The Torch news room to thank Chloe for standing by him.

In The Sky by Ginger

Lana and Chloe argue over Clark's decision not to reveal where he was.

Salut Demeure by Charles Gounod

Lionel complements Lex on how he handled Helen.

White Flag by Dido

End of the episode.

[303] Extinction

Way Away by Yellowcard

Jake and Van are sit outside of the school entrance.

Give It To Me by Vishiss

Clark, Pete and Chloe walk through the hall talking about Jake.

I Give You Take by Maria

Clark goes to the Talon to talk to Lana about Jake.

Goodbye Again by Vertical Horizon

Lana goes to the Kent Farm to see how Clark is doing.

[304] Slumber

Imitation of Life by R.E.M

Clark and Lana go for a swim.

Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

Clark and Lana at school talking about their relationship.

Losing My Religion by R.E.M

Clark and Chloe are talking about his time with Lana at the lake.

Bad Day by R.E.M

Clark drives the Kent truck just after he stole the "medicine" from Sarah's house.

At My Most Beautiful by R.E.M

Clark is talking to Lana about the "girl next door".

[305] Perry

I Love This Bar by Toby Keith

Perry gets drinks in "Littleville".

Arms Down (Demo Version) by Xolie Morra

Perry White asks Lana for an interview.

Blue by LeAnn Rimes

Clark and Perry in the Wild Coyote.

Crossroads by Lizzie

Perry talks with Chloe at the Torch.

I'll Be Okay by Q

Lana tells Perry she would like him to leave.

Walkin' In Memphis by Lonestar

Clark says goodbye to Perry at the bus stop.

[306] Relic

Matchbox by Carl Perkins

Clark leans against a mailbox while talking with Pete.

In Your Eyes by Aaron D

Clark and Chloe try to find out what happened to Louise.

I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos

Clark's vision of Jor-El and Louise.

Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) by The Penguins

Jor-El tells Louise he has to leave.

[307] Magnetic

Amazing by Josh Kelley

At the fair.

Over You by Michelle Featherstone

Lana tries to explain her date with Seth to Clark.

Hey Now by Black Toast Music

Clark confronts Seth about his control over Lana.

Trouble by Bonnie McKee

Lana agrees to leave town with Seth.

Stupid Girl by Cold

Lex tries to convince Lana to rethink leaving town with Seth.

Trouble by Pink

Lana and Seth are stuck in the melted road as the cops arrive.

[308] Shattered

She'll Be The One by Bosshouse

Lex flags down a truck driver.

Hurt by Johnny Cash

Lionel looks in on Lex; Clark looks in on Lana.

[309] Asylum

Future Proof by Massive Attack

Beginning of the episode.

So Far Away by Staind

End of the episode.

[310] Whisper

Cold and Empty by Kid Rock

End of episode, Lana leaves.

[311] Delete

Try by Nelly Furtado

Lana and Adam talk at the Talon.

So Damn Lucky by Dave Matthews

Lana and Adam talk at the Talon.

The Reason by Hoobastank

Clark and Chloe have a heart-to-heart at the Torch office.

[312] Hereafter

100 Years by Five for Fighting

Beginning of the episode.

I Owe You by Stegala Music

Chloe interrupts Lana serving drinks.

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Played by Adam on the piano.

Two Steps Closer by Static

Chloe investigates Adam's room.

[313] Velocity

Evilution by Shocore

Clark and Martha are cut off by speeding cars.

Fix Up, Look Sharp by Dizzee Rascal

Pete admires nitrous trank in Dante's truck.

The Way I Am by Knoc-Turn'Al

Dante tells Pete that all the money on the race in on him.

You Know by Saq

Sheriff Adams leads a raid on Dante's barn.

Rawkfist by Thousand Foot Krutch

Clark causes Dante's car to crash.

Wonderwall by Ryan Adams

End of the episode.

[314] Obsession

Last Call by Barry Schleifer

Clark meets Alicia Baker for the first time.

One Thing by Finger Eleven

Clark walks Alicia to her door.

Parking by The Fuzz

Clark is confused when Pete's knows he was in Alicia's bedroom.

Echo by Blake Hight

Lana tells Lex she wants Adam out of the loft.

Setting of the Sun by Ben Jelen

Lana leaves the farm as Martha comes in to talk to Clark.

[315] Resurrection

Infatuation by The Rapture

Lana and Lex talk at the Talon.

Everything (radio edit) by Alanis Morrissette

End of the episode, Lana and Clark are in the Talon.

[316] Crisis

Maybe by Jim Gorman

Clark races to the Talon to find Lana and Chloe perfectly fine.

Coming Around by Melodine

Clark avoids Lana's question of how he arrived so fast.

Les Pecheurs De Perles (Je Crois Entendre Encore) by Georges Bizet

Lionel puts a gun in his mouth and contemplates suicide.

[317] Legacy

Les Pecheurs De Perles (Je Crois Entendre Encore) by Georges Bizet

Once In A Blue Moon by Edie Brickell

Clark tells Lana he is concerned about his father.

Love's Divine by Seal

Clark tells Lana about his dad suddenly leaving the farm.

Mona Lisa by Grant-Lee Phillips

Clark tells Lana his feelings for her have never changed.

[318] Truth

Someday by Fastball

Chloe tells Clark he needs to set a time for Mrs. Taylor's interview.

Selling Out by The Fuzz

Pete tells Chloe that Clark is racing to the stadium for hot dogs.

Forever by Jennie Cathcart

Lana thinks Chloe may have broken into LuthorCorp.

Better Don't Do by Ing

Chloe demonstrates new ability in the hallway of school.

Stabat Mater by Paul Schwartz

Lana tells Clark she applied to school in Paris.

[319] Memoria

My Immortal by Evanescence

Martha and Clark talk in the loft.

[320] Talisman

Chase Me by Katie Herzig

Chloe suggests that Lana ask Lex for a loan for school in Paris.

From Afar by Red Letter Day

Lana discovers that Lex has hired someone to see the Talon.

Reason Why by Rachael Yamagata

Lana tells Lex she's going to Paris.

[321] Forsaken

What You're Thinking by Christopher Jak

Clark talks to Lana at her locker.

When The Sun Goes Down by Charlie Mars

Emily tells Clark that Lana left early for Paris.

La Fille Du Regiment (Convien Partir) by Gaetano Donizetti

Lex tells Lionel that he's become careless.

[322] Covenant

One Moment More (acoustic) by Mindy Smith

Lex shows up to see Lana off to Paris but walks away when he sees Lex.

Messa Da Requiem (Sequentia Lacrimosa) by Mozart

End of episode.

Smallville music list adapted from Kryptonsite, The Definitive Smallville Soundtrack

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