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Veronica Mars Music Season 1


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[101] Pilot

La Femme d'Argent by Air

Playing under the voiceover at the very top of the episode [DVD only].

What You Want by The Wayouts

Played while Veronica cuts Wallace down off flagpole.

Insincere Because I by The Dandy Warhols

Playing while Veronica is sitting at the lunch table talking about how Duncan used to be her boyfriend.

Sittin' On Top Of The World by Botany Boyz

Played while Wallace gets robbed at the Sac and Pac.

Just Another by Pete Yorn

Played when Veronica is at the pool and thinks she hears her mother, and also while she is playing with her dog at the beach.

White Lines (Don't Do It) by Grandmaster Flash

Played during the car wash flashback scene.

Give You More by Taxi Doll

First song played at the party where Veronica gets drugged.

Girls by Death In Vegas

Second song played at the party.

Bathroom Stall by DAMe Lee

Played while Veronica is talking to Logan and Duncan while they're sitting in the yellow car.

Weak Become Heroes by The Streets

Played while Veronica is at the computer printing the picture.

(Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

Played while Veronica and her dad are barbequeing.

Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba

Played during the fake fire in the evidence room at the sheriff's office.

Atomic Girl by The Wannabes

Played near the end when Veronica is talking to Wallace on the beach and he is flying his airplane.

Butterflies by David Garza

Played when Veronica is sitting in the office near the end.

All You Need Is Love originally performed by The Beatles

A music box-type instrumental version played at the very end of the episode.

[102] Credit Where Credit's Due

Word Up by Korn

Played at the beginning at the beach party.


Played while Veronica and her dad are sitting in the diner and the sheriff comes in.

Hi Lo by Under The Influence Of Giants

Played when Veronica has the flat tire.

Troubled Times by Fountains Of Wayne

Played while driving to the photo shoot with Duncan.

Here It Comes by Longwave

Played at the photo shoot on the beach.

Lover by Maureen Davis

Playing while Veronica and Keith are at the Neptune Grand talking to the receptionist.

[103] Meet John Smith

No Blue Sky by The Thorns

The song Duncan was listening to while floating on the raft in his pool.


An instrumental playing on the jukebox in the restaurant when Troy hits it and tells Veronica that he would have been expecting sex had the song changed.

Art by Louque

Playing at the end of Veronica & Troy's date after he tries to kiss her.

Goodbye World by Luke Adams

Playing when Veronica is laying on her bed doing her homework and her dad walks in her room.

Summer Nights sung by Teddy Dunn (from Grease)

Performed briefly by Duncan on the bleachers before jumping.

Edge of the Ocean by Ivy

Played while Veronica drives Duncan to the Hospital.

Rock and A Hard Place by Supreme Beings of Leisure

Only an instrumental portion of the song, played over several scenes beginning when Veronica decides to drive to Arizona, and ending when she pulls up in front of the house she thought her mother was living in.

What Are You Afraid Of? by West Indian Girl

Played when Veronica drives back home from Arizona and also when she calls Troy from outside of his home.

[104] The Wrath Of Con

Supernatural Supergirl by Josh Kramon

During the flashback scene in Veronica’s room when she and Lilly are picking out a dress for the Homecoming dance.


During the flashback scene to the night of the dance when Veronica, Duncan, and Logan are waiting for Lilly to get done, and also while they are taking pictures, and then while they are leaving the Kane’s house for the dance.

All That We Perceive by Thievery Corporation

During the flashback scene in the limo on the way to the dance while they are playing dare.

Diverse City by TobyMac

First song played at the college party when Veronica and Wallace arrive.

Party Crashers by Radio 4

The second song played at the party while Veronica is trying to break into the dorm room.


Played while Logan is reviewing the Lilly videos on his computer and Veronica walks in.

Wind Beneath My Wings originally performed by Bette Midler

An instrumental version playing at the fountain dedication.

Now Is The Time by Damone

Also at the fountain dedication. Playing during the second half of the Lilly video when Veronica’s contribution to the video is being shown.

[105] You Think You Know Somebody

La Adelita

Played when the boys are in Mexico.


Two Mexican songs played at the border stop, then when they’re in the diner.

Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

Played while Veronica is driving Troy in the car and is asking him about what they did in Mexico; and at the very end while Veronica is getting the cell phone call from her mom.

The Mexican Hat Dance

Played at the birthday party when Veronica goes looking for the piñata.

Put Your Lights On by Santana with Everlast

Played while Veronica is packing the cell phones for mailing, and her dad comes home from his date.

The New Kid by Old 97's

Played while Troy gathers the steroids and is making his getaway at the end.

[106] Return Of The Kane

Still in Love Song by The Stills

Playing while the 09ers drive into the gas station.

Feel Alright by The Red Onions

Playing during the boxing match.

Bandido by Daniel Indart

Jake and Duncan are eating burgers in their car without Celeste's knowledge.

I'm In A Way by The Rite Flyers

Playing while Veronica & Wanda were making posters at V's house.

Ventura Highway by America

Playing while Logan is making the apology at the soup kitchen and continuing through the scene where Aaron beats him.

[107] The Girl Next Door

The Trial of the Century by The French Kicks

Playing at the beginning when Veronica is taking her laundry to the laundry room and stops to talk to Sara in the courtyard.

La Femme d'Argent by Air

Playing when Weevil and Logan paint the wall and also while Veronica is flipping through the Sara's diary.

Yellow Butta Sunshine by Pop

Playing when Weevil and his gang pull up to and go into the Encore store.

[108] Like A Virgin

Hands On The Money by Kid Symphony

Played near the beginning when Veronica asks Wallace his Purity test score and then she flashes him.

Don't Tell Mama (from Cabaret) sung by Alona Tal and Annie Abrams

Performed by Meg and Kimmy during their auditions for the school production of Cabaret.

Don't Let It Get You Down by Spoon

Played near the end when Veronica is walking through the parking lot.

[109] Drinking The Kool-Aid


The song that starts playing while Veronica is driving back from her meeting at the prison, and also continues while she’s figuring out who took the surveillance photos of her.

When The Angels Sing by Social Distortion

The song Weevil tries to pass off as his own poem in class during the flashback.

Make a Deal with the City by East River Pipe

The song playing when Veronica first visits the cult camp.

Oh! Sweet Nuthin' originally performed by The Velvet Underground

Sung around the campfire.

(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back by Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger

The song playing the second time Veronica visits the camp when the leader shows her the greenhouse.

Have a Nice Day by Stereophonics

The song playing at the camp while they all are preparing the food.


The song playing while Veronica is dropping off Casey at the camp. Contains the line "...she knows all my friends...."

Famous Lover by The Fire Marshals Of Bethlehem

The song playing at Casey’s grandmother’s funeral.


An instrumental part of a song playing at the end while Veronica is shredding the paternity test results.

[110] An Echolls Family Christmas

Heat Miser Song

The song playing on the TV when Veronica and her father are trimming their tree. Also sung by Duncan in segueway to next scene.

Little Bit More by Tony C And The Truth

The song playing while the guys are watching Logan's mom out by the pool.

Slow Hands by Interpol

The song playing during Duncan's flashback of the card game.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

An instrumental jazz-type song playing while Keith is talking to Logan's mom about the stalker.

Saturday Night by Ozomatli

The song playing during the card game flashback while the guys are talking about Rosie Perez.

Camp-Fire by Starling Electric

The song playing during the card game flashback when the pizza gets delivered.

Joy To The World

Frank Sinatra/Harry Connick, Jr.-style version, playing at the beginning of the Echolls' party.

Carol of the Bells by Jason Lantrip

Instrumental version during the reveal scene.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Sinatra/Connick-style, the second song played at the party while the Kanes and Echolls are talking about going away somewhere.

Jingle Bells

Pianist plays the last few seconds of this during the party.

Little Drummer Boy by The Dandy Warhols

Playing while Veronica is playing cards.

What Child Is This

An instrumental version playing when Weevil and Veronica are getting food, Logan apologizes to Duncan, Veronica confronts Jake Kane, and Jake confronts Celeste at the party.

The Wassail Song

Sung by the carolers outside the Echolls's home.

[111] Silence Of The Lamb

Birthday originally performed by The Beatles

An instrumental version played at the BD party at school.

Brilliant Sky by Saybia

Song played when Veronica, Mac & Wallace crash Madison's birthday party.

Fireflies by Amy Cook

Song played when Mac walks into the library and meets her biological sister.

The Way You Are by 46bliss

Played at the end when Mac's biological mother drives by as Mac and her family are getting ready to leave for the vacation, and also when Clarence receives the photographs.

[112] Clash Of The Tritons

All They Ever Do Is Talk by Earlimart

The song playing when Logan walks into the school and gets into the fight in the hallway.

Army Of One by Adam Hamilton (MasterSource Music)

Veronica plants a tracking device on Duncan's car and Logan waits for Aaron to come out of the Administration office; Veronica sets up surveillance camera at school and Wallace plants the money in empty locker.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot sung by Teddy Dunn

Duncan's karaoke song.

On Top Of Old Smokey

Karaoke song performed by the next singer.

The Hokey Pokey

Karaoke song performed by the next next singer.

One Way Or Another sung by Kristen Bell, originally performed by Blondie

Veronica's karaoke song.

Feel So Free Ivy

The song playing while Logan's mom leaves the school and also while her empty car is discovered on the bridge.

[113] Lord Of The Bling

The Bomb by The Pharcyde

Song emanating from inside the club while Keith Mars is talking to the person outside.

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die by Tsar

Song playing during the flashback scene of V, Lilly, and Yolanda in Yolanda's room.

Saturday Night by Ozomatli

Playing when Veronica gets on the elevator with Dime Bag.

Hey Ma by Cam'ron

Playing during the flashback of the party where Logan kises Yolanda.

Living It Up by The League

Song playing when Yolanda's dad talks to Dime Bag on the phone.

[114] Mars Vs. Mars

Don't Stand So Close to Me originally performed by The Police

Sung by the girls to Carrie during lunch.

Tulips by Bloc Party

Playing when Veronica interviews the crazy fan who claims to have seen Lynne alive and then Logan runs off when he realizes she's nuts.

Worried About You by The Rolling Stones

Playing when Veronica walks past Mr. Rooks' bedroom.

[115] Ruskie Business

Just Another by Pete Yorn

Played during the dance flashback scene.

Waiting by Taxi Doll

Playing during Veronica & Meg's arrival at the rave, and continuing through the entire time they were there.

Ballade for piano No. 2 in F major, Op. 38, CT. 3 by Fryderyk Chopin

Played by piano when Veronica comes to get Logan and then when Logan sees Trina come out and thinks it's his mom.

One Thing Leads To Another by The Fixx

Played at the "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" dance.

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

Played at the "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" dance.

True by Spandau Ballet

Played at the "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" dance.

Warm Breeze by Jeff Tatum (MasterSource Music)

Played at the end when Veronica goes into the bar and finds her mom.

[116] Betty And Veronica

Pick Up The Phone by The Notwist

Playing while Veronica is frantically searching for the bug in her room.

You And Your Kind by The Brown Mountain Lights

Playing the first time we see Veronica and her mom talking in the bar (when they hug each other).

A Chorus Line by Ultramagnetic MC's

Playing while Wallace is practicing basketball and Veronica is watching him.

Rabbit by The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem

Playing during the second flashback of Veronica and her mom, while they're having coffee.

Nothing Is Wrong by The Brown Mountain Lights

Playing the third time we see Veronica and her mom in the bar, when they talk about her affair with Jake Kane.

Fall Behind Me by The Donnas

Playing during the Rest Stop 15 scene when Weevil takes the bet.

Headphonland: The Gangster Chapter by Mice Parade

Playing when Veronica is asking Weevil if he took the parrot because the bets he is taking on the game don't make sense unless he knows the outcome.

[117] Kanes And Abel's

Breakin' by The Music

Played while Veronica is talking to Kaz by the school buses.

Dangle by The Daylight Titans

Played when Veronica catches Kaz in yellow truck.


An instrumental song playing in the background at the Kanes' scholarship dinner.

Dragonfly by M Craft

The song playing during the flashback scene where Veronica is talking to Lilly at the Kanes' pool and Duncan interrupts her.

Ain't That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin

Playing when Veronica visits Hamilton Cho's pizza shop.

Private Eyes originally by Hall and Oates, sung by Vince Vanlowe

Song sung by Vince Vanlowe out the window to Veronica in her car.

[118] Weapons Of Class Destruction

Momentary Thing by Something Happens

Played during THE KISS.

[119] Hot Dogs

Marc by Louis XIV

The song playing when Veronica finds, then goes inside Dogman's van, and continues while she's talking to Weevil.

That's Amore by Dean Martin

Playing during the scene where Aaron beats up Dylan.

[120] MAD

Gold Rush by Kissinger

Song playing at the beginning while Veronica is fixing her car.

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo by Lobo

Song playing while Aaron is driving Veronica home.

Finding Out True Love Is Blind by Louis XIV

Song playing during the Boardwalk scene with Tad & Carmen.

Tu Abandono by X Herrera

Playing during the Tijuana scene.

Let's Sail Away by Josh Kramon and Jeff D'Agustino

Song sung on the web site.

Love Is Here To Stay by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald

Playing during the dancing scene where Veronica's dad and Wallace's mom are dancing.

Crimson And Clover by Tommy James and The Shondells

During the end scene where Logan is on his boat.

[121] A Trip To The Dentist

Creation by Atash

The instrumental music in the background when Keith finds Duncan in Havana.

Kingdom of Chemicals by Sean Dailey

Playing during the first flashback to the party, when they were doing body shots off Veronica; playing during the series of flashbacks when Logan slips Duncan the drugged drink.

The Other Side by The BoDeans

Song playing when Duncan and his mom are in the limo after picking him up at the airport and she tells him to take his medication with him next time.

This Is Not A Game by Basko

Song playing during the second party flashback when Madison asks who invited Veronica.

I Touch Myself by Saucy Monky

Playing during the party flashback when Madison tells what happened. (Also sung by Veronica during the flashback.); again during the next party flashback. (Also sung by Dick during the flashback).


The song Veronica is listening to on her CD player in her room lying on her bed when her dad comes in after sending her there.

I Like That by Houston with Chingy and Nate Dogg

Playing in a flashback when the guys are giving Veronica the shots and she makes out with Shelly.

Cemetary Party by Air

Veronica walks away from Duncan's house after learning the truth about the rape.

Give You More by Taxi Doll

Playing during the flashback when Veronica gets the "trip to the dentist."


Instrumental part of a song playing when Veronica makes out with Logan at the BD party and discovers the camera in the bedroom. (Might just be score)


Song playing when Weevil picks Veronica up from the Echolls' house. (Might just be score)

[122] Leave It To Beaver

Where the Boys Are by Connie Francis

Playing when Lianne and Veronica are preparing dinner and Keith turns on the radio.

La Bamba by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán

Playing on the Latin station when Keith changes the radio.

Bad Boyfriend by Garbage

Playing when Veronica and Keith discover the shot glass was in Lilly's car and when Veronica talks to Logan at his locker; and playing when Logan is on the bridge as Weevil and his gang drive up.

Wannabe by The Spice Girls

Playing during the flashback when Veronica and Lilly are dancing and singing along in Lilly's room.

Lily Dreams On by Cotton Mather

Playing during Veronica's dream of Lilly and her floating in the pond.

Veronica Mars music list adapted from MarsInvestigations.net

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