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Witches Of East End Music Season 1


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[101] Pilot

In Your Nature (David Lynch remix) by Zola Jesus

People arrive for the engagement party; Joanna's doppleganger draws a symbol in the sand by the fountain.

Crystals by Magic Wands

Dash & Freya greet their guests, then have a private chat outside; Dash mom's drags Freya back into the party.

Cruise Control by The Lazy Waves

Dash's mom tells Freya how much help she'd be thrilled to give her; Freya tells Ingrid that she made Dash's mom choke on her food.

Fever Dream by Young Summer

Joanna & Dash discuss the painting of Archibald Browning and Freya's dislike of rules. 007

Spark by Digital Daggers

Ingrid runs into Adam & tells him about the sacrifices that used to be done in the house.

Easy Undercover by 2:54

As Freya works at the bar, Killian arrives to get a drink.

I Am The Assassin by Dag For Dag

Killian shows up at the bar again and suggests he & Freya be friends.

Slipping Away by Barcelona

Freya & Killian play a round of darts, then she heads off to the bathroom.

Say Now by The Rival

Killian checks the ladies bathroom for Freya.

[102] Millicent Fenwick, R.I.P.

Others by Daniel Davies

Killian asks another bar employee if he saw Freya leave; Dash arrives at the bar and asks Killian why he's come home.

Back Seat by Atlas Genius

Dash finds Freya passed out in the bathroom, then asks her what happened; Wendy & Ingrid finally arrive at the bar.

I'm Alright by Machines Are People Too

Joanna, Wendy & Ingrid arrive at the bar to check if Doug escaped the photograph.

[103] Today I Am A Witch

Icarus by Moon King

Killian steps in to help Freya at the bar.

Symptoms by Atlas Genius

Killian informs Freya he was offered a job at the bar.

Meantime by The Centennial

Ingrid & Adam have dinner and discuss the murder accusations against Joanna.

Perfect Bodies by Krief

Over drinks, Ingrid tries to get Wendy to talk to her about writing spells.

Whisper by The Rosebuds

Freya confronts Killian about what Dash told her.

Like Fire by Chris Brush

Joanna has Wendy & the girls help her with a protection spell.

[104] A Few Good Talisman

Sunlight by Yuno

At the bar, Freya & Ingrid discuss how their powers could be used to hurt someone, then Adam arrives to confirm plans for a date with Ingrid; Freya asks Killian to have dinner with Dash & Penelope.

Canción De La Noche by Matthew Perryman Jones

Adam collapses in Ingrid's arms.

[105] Electric Avenue

Interrupting Your Freedom by Lights On

Freya stops by the bar to get her paycheck, chats with Killian, then meets Dash's ex-fiance, Elyse.

On A Wire by 2:54

Freya returns to the bar to talk with Elyse; Killian informs Freya that Elyse died.

Heat Lightning by Icky Blossoms

Freya asks Killian if he's noticed anything weird at the bar.

Mess A Good Thing by Gaby Moreno

Elyse turns on the jukebox in the bar.

Lights by Josh Ritter

Ingrid & Freya simultaneously release Adam & Elyse from the mortal realm.

[106] Potentia Noctis

Feel Me by Mecca Kalani

Ingrid remembers a past life where Archibald paints a symbol on her chest in blood.

Black Magic by Magic Wands

Freya mixes the potion at the bar as Wendy watches.

Double Vision by Jacuzzi Boys

Freya encourages Killian, Dash & Amy to keep drinking, so they imbibe more potion; Dash asks Freya to marry him at the courthouse on the weekend.

[107] Unburied

The Believer by Cat Dowling

Freya tells Killian she's giving him a haircut.

Where Is The Light by The Amplifetes

Freya goes to the bar to asks Killian if he's seen Dash, then Dash arrives and punches Killian.

[108] Snake Eyes

Condemned Habits by Adventure Galley

Ingrid & Freya talk about the tarot reading regarding Dash & Killian.

Thrills by El May

At the bar, Killian tries to get Freya to talk with him.

Hole In My Heart by Matt Pond PA

Amy tells Killian she likes him, but she's not the woman he needs.

Papa by Trigger Code

Killian informs Freya that he broke up with Amy; a box of roses arrives for Freya.

Kale by Nerves Junior

Penelope arrives at the bar to meet Killian for lunch.

[109] A Parching Imbued

Perennials by Widowspeak

The women perform a spell to return Freya's powers.

In The Dark by General Ghost

Ingrid drops by the bar with Freya's wedding gown.

Hands and Knees by Dag For Dag

Freya gives her mom the message from the Shifter.

Sugar by 2:54

Ingrid joins Freya at the bar to talk about their day and their father; the bar manager informs Freya that Killian is leaving for Costa Rica.

Twin Peaks by Alice Russell

Freya & Dash's rehearsal dinner; Joanna tells Wendy that something is starting to form on the canvas; Penelope makes a toast to the happy couple.

Heroes by Callers

Wendy informs Joanna that all the party guests, including Penelope, as testing as mortal.

Uptight by Natalie Walker

Ingrid tells her dad she doesn't want to hear him explain his absence from their lives.

[110] Oh, What A World!

You Are by Kathryn Ostenberg

Preparations are made for Dash & Freya's wedding; Killian stands alone on the deck of his boat; Joanna & Victor wake up in bed together; Freya tries on her veil.

Best Day Of Your Life by Katie Herzig

Freya, Ingrid, Joanna & Wendy get ready for the wedding.

We Hit A Wall by Chelsea Wolfe

Killian gets ready to sail off; Dash, Killian & Freya's powers are returned as Penelope burns; Freya runs off to find Killian.

Ghost In The Machine by The Fire and The Sea

Joanna & Wendy realize someone is activating the portal; Freya arrives at the dock to find Killian's boat gone; Mike is disintegrated as someone comes through the portal.

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